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Welcome to the Walking Diary
Some of the places I've walked for exercise and leisure each month.
Places featured in the Walking Routes pages plus selected other walks.
Latest entry . . .
Friday 27 March 10.37 mi 16.69 km
From home to home, via St Denys Road, Cobden Bridge, Riverside Park, Mansbridge, A27, Wide Lane, Lakeside Country Park, Stoneham Lane, Chestnut Avenue, Nightingale Avenue, Magpie Lane, Fleming Park, Passfield Avenue, Nightingale Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Stoneham Lane High Road (Swaythling) and Portswood Road.
The COVID-19 outbreak means that some of my normal routes are not currently available. Walks will be more local or may include different parts of the surrounding area so that I can avoid crowded places and the use of public transport.
The diary consists of a page for each month. You can go to the current month by clicking the photo on the left. Clicking a photo below takes you to that month's page. You can also select a month from the column on the far left.
Other years can be selected from links further down this page.
You can also follow my walks on facebook and twitter
and I'm on Garmin Connect and MapMyWalk.
Monday 16 March   Thursday 19 March   Wednesday 25 March    
From home to Cobden Bridge, Bitterne Park, Bitterne Manor, Northam Bridge, Northam, Chapel, Itchen Bridge, Woolston, Portsmouth Road, Old Netley, Lowford, Lower Swanwick, Swanwick Shore Road, Universal Marina, River Hamble and Warsash village centre. Down Shore Road to the waterfront for a drink break, then along the footpath to the Hamble ferry hard. Up to Hamble Square then School Lane, Hamble Point, Hamble Shore and the country park. Across the park to the cafe for a longer break. Out to Victoria Road (Netley), Weston Shore, Woolston, Peartree, Athelstan Road, Bitterne Park, Cobden Bridge, St Denys and home.   Needing to make a brief trip to the city centre I walked in to town via Bevois Valley and the city centre parks. I returned via The Avenue, Southampton Common and Highfield.   From home to home, via Portswood Road, High Road, Stoneham Lane, Chestnut Avenue, Nightingale Avenue, Magpie Lane, Fleming Park, Passfield Avenue, Nightingale Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Stoneham Lane, Lakeside Country Park, Wide Lane, A27, Mansbridge, Riverside Park, Cobden Bridge and St Denys.    
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The current year is continuously updated with new walks.
Rounding may cause kilometre totals to differ from those shown.
Distances are those recorded in the Walking Routes Diary. Distances to and from local stations are usually not included.
These and other local distances are included in my personal records, for instance:
in 2019 'Walking Routes' distances were 2467.20 miles or 3970.57 km while the total walked was 2822.97 mi or 4543.13 km.
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Records started in March of 2010.
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