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Welcome to the Walking Diary
Some of the places I've walked for exercise and leisure each month.
Places featured in the Walking Routes pages plus selected other walks.
Latest entry . . .
Monday 20 February
Photo: Hamble Common
From home via St Denys (Horseshoe Bridge), Itchen boardwalk, river path, under Northam Bridge, Princes Street, Millbank Street, Belvidere Road, Marine Parade, Albert Road North, Itchen Bridge, Bridge Road, Portsmouth Road, Botley Road, Bursledon Road, Le Marechal Avenue, Bower's Drive, Hamble Lane, Satchell Lane and Hamble Square to Hamble Quay. 9.25mi 14.89km.
A break with a drink by the river. From Hamble Quay via Green Lane, Hamble Common, School Lane footpath, Hamble Point car park and Hamble Shore to the Royal Victoria Country Park. Round the park and through the woods to the café. A break with a drink outside the café then via Hound Road, The Orchard, Hamble Rail Trail footpath and Hamble Lane to Hamble station. 4.09mi 6.58km. Train home.
13.34mi 21.47km.
Mostly sunny with well broken cloud. A light breeze.
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