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Hamble Common
Hamble Common is an area of woodland and heath between the village and the shore on Southampton Water. It is divided by School Lane. There is a path from Green Lane which takes you through the side nearer to Hamble Quay and down to Hamble Point. There are several branches of this path giving a variety of routes. This area can be quite wet at times. The bridge may be submerged at high tide. Cattle sometimes graze here.  
School Lane runs from High Street to Hamble Point and separates Hamble Common in two. There is no pavement for most of the way but a path runs parallel to the road from the car park. This path can be muddy and wet in places. Take care if using the road.  
The other side of Hamble Common can be accessed from School Lane or Copse Lane. The paths on this side take you to the beach between Hamble oil terminal and Hamble Point.  
Hamble Point
Hamble Point is at the mouth of the river Hamble.  
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