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Lower Swanwick to Universal Marina
The Lower Swanwick end of the walk starts at Swanwick Shore Road and passes a public slipway. The road turns left but the river path continues straight ahead. Note that while the path is open to the public, it and the land on either side are private property. The path can be muddy and sometimes flooded in places.  
You can cross the marina along a marked walkway. Please remember that this is a working environment and take care.  
Universal Marina to Warsash
The path towards Warsash is gravel at the marina end. Just beyond the marina is a donkey sanctuary. Beyond the donkey sanctuary the path changes from gravel to stone. This is uneven, in places very uneven, and liable to flooding at and after a high tide.  
The path gives excellent views of the river and the surrounding area. Being tidal, the river changes throughout the day and attracts a variety of birds.At the Warsash end is the ferry to Hamble. A pontoon is available at high tide but at other times access is via path which can be slippery.  
Beyond the ferry the path passes a car park and reaches a road. Passage Lane to the left takes you to Warsash village. Turning right onto Shore Road leads to the harbour. From the harbour Shore Road takes you up the hill to Passage Lane (on the left) and the village (to the right).  
Warsash to Southampton Water
From the harbour at Shore Road the path continues down the river passing Strawberry Field, a popular local park, and the maritime academy. Between this and the beach there are two parallel paths, one above the other. The beach is at the mouth of the river, opposite Hamble Point.  
At low tide it is possible to walk along the beach to Titchfield haven. The section near the Solent Breezes Holiday Park is covered at high tide. There are road and footpath alternatives inland.  
Local Nature Reserve
Between Hook Park Road and the beach there is a path through the local nature reserve. Instead of walking down the river from Shore Road, I often walk up to the village, down Newtown Road, up Hook Park Road and through the nature reserve before walking up the river to the ferry. There are other paths near the maritime academy which link the river path and Newtown Road.  
Sarisbury Green
From Lower Swanwick I often continue up the hill to Sarisbury instead of walking along the river path to Warsash.
Sarisbury Green is a pleasant place to pause with a drink. There is a shop just across the road.
From there, Warsash village is via Barnes Lane and Brook Lane.
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