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Serial number D12-047876
The QL (for Quantum Leap) was intended to replace the Spectrum and also be used as a business computer. It had a case and keyboard similar to the Spectrum+ and two fitted microdrives.
As a home computer, the QL was expensive and too much computer. The microdrives were a cheaper option than disc drives but were not as reliable or as popular. It failed to impress either market.
To make matters worse, the QL was launched before it was ready. Orders were taken but the first computers to be delivered were incomplete. Production was suspended in 1985 and when Amstrad took over Sinclair production, it was dropped.
A software suite consisting of Quill (wordprocessor), Abacus (spreadsheet), Archive (database) and Easel (illustration) was supplied on microdrive tapes by Psion.
The QL had a second life, providing the components for ICL's (International Computers Limited) One Per Desk or OPD. When I worked in bingo a few years later, we had one of these in each club, operating the National Bingo Game.
PSION microdrive software for the QL:
Abacus spreadsheet
Archive database
Easel illustration
Quill wordprocessor
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