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Tape (BBC B, Master and Electron)
Acorn Data Recorder. Serial 16-ALF03-1041863.
Power supply for this data recorder.
DIN lead. 7-pin male to 7-pin male. Allows data recorder to be controlled by the computer.
User Guide for this data recorder.
Box for this data recorder.
Acorn Data Recorder. Serial 16-ANF03-0104868. Works with 7-pin lead, not 5-pin lead. Unplug to rewind. Mute with plug in ear socket.
There is only one 7-pin DIN lead. These are now hard (impossible?) to find.
Data recorders work with BBC and Electron.
Other tape decks work with 5-pin DIN and/or combination leads.
This Alba R-170 (serial HK 98240942) has a 5-pin DIN socket as well as Ear and Mic sockets.
Disc (BBC B and Master)
Pace Disc drive. C065041. Takes power from the computer.
Pace disc. Pace Micro Technology. Utilities.
Cumana single drive. Noisy in operation.
Cumana dual drive. Each drive switchable between 40 and 80 tracks.
Using Floppy Disks with the BBC Microcomputer. Keith Davis / Cumana.
There is also a Comutamate disc drive. This needs a cable and is untested.
Electrons require the Plus 3 drive and extender.
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