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EA5 331657
Commodore 16 serial number EA5 331657 made in England.
The Commodore 16 is part of the 264 series of machines which includes the Plus/4. It was intended to replace the VIC 20 but was not compatible and those who wanted to upgrade had probably already done so to the 64. It is in effect a scaled-down version of the Plus/4 with less memory and no built-in software. The joystick and datasette ports are non-standard (even for Commodore!) and the dedicated Commodore joysticks were poor. Adaptors soon became available. It even managed to look old fashioned with its black VIC 20 case. The C16 was a commercial failure.
Rear view
The rear view showing cartridge port, rf out (tv), the rf adjuster blanked off, video out, serial port and cassette port.
Start-up Screen
Side view
Startup screen. On the side are two joystick ports (but not the standard Atari type), a reset switch (at last), the on/off switch and the power connector. This too is not standard being single pin nine volts.
  The C16 used an unusual power pack for Commodore. I have found these to be unreliable and, with only one still working, I use a Sinclair ZX power supply with mine.
My C16s
EA5 163464 EA5 240201 EA5 331657
Serial EA5 163464 (England) Serial EA5 240201 (England) Serial EA5 331657 (England)
Case damaged but works OK.    
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