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HB 015431
Commodore 128D serial number HB1 015431 made in Hong Kong (shown above). Fully working.
Commodore 128D serial number DA 4 212146 made in West Germany. Cannot read some disks, otherwise working OK..
The 128D is a 128 with a built-in 5.25 inch disk drive and a separate keyboard, giving it a highly professional appearance. Like the 128, the 128D has three separate operating systems: C64 mode running Basic 2.0, C128 mode with more memory, Basic 7.0 and an 80 column display option, and CP/M. This latter was the most widely used commercial operating system until this time.
The Commodore 128D was introduced in 1985. It was probably the best 8 bit computer ever, but unfortunately all this came just as a new generation of computers running MS-DOS came onto the market and the 128 and 128D were a flop.
Rear view
Rear view showing cartridge port, serial port, video out, blanked off rf adjuster, rf out to tv, RGB out to monitor, RS-232 user port and above this, the power connector and on/off switch.
Side view
Side view showing cassette port, keyboard connector, two jostick ports, drive reset button and general reset button.
128 Mode Start-up Screen
64 Mode Start-up Screen
128 mode 64 mode
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