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DA4 77560
Commodore 128 serial number DA4 77560 made in West Germany.
The Commodore 128 was introduced in 1985. It has three separate operating systems: C64 mode running Basic 2.0, C128 mode with more memory, Basic 7.0 and an 80 column display option, and CP/M. This latter was the most widely used commercial operating system until this time. Together with the 128D, this was probably the best 8 bit computer ever. Unfortunately all this came just as a new generation of computers running MS-DOS came onto the market and the 128 was a flop.
Rear view
Rear view showing cartridge port, cassette port, serial port, video out, blanked off rf adjuster, rf output to tv, RGB output to monitor and RS-232 user port.
Side view
Side view showing to joystick ports, reset button, on/off switch and power input.
128 Mode Start-up Screen
64 Mode Start-up Screen
128 mode 64 mode
My 128s
DA4 77560 DA4 211453
Serial DA 4 77560 (West Germany) Serial DA 4 211453 (West Germany)
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