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Serial number A 108-057585.
Launched in 1985, the 128 was held back in the UK until the following year to allow time to clear the large stock of Spectrum+ still in the shops.
Apart from the heatsink added to the right-hand end its appearance was the same as the Plus.
An RGB output allowed the computer to be connected to a monitor or the AV input of a television. At the front is a port marked Key Pad but to the best of my knowledge this was not released apart from in Spain.
The Spectrum could only access 64 kilobytes at a time but the other 64 could be used to great effect particularly in games requiring multiple screens. It could also be used as a pseudo disc drive, although any data would be lost on reset or power off.
On power-up, the 128 displays five options: Tape Loader, 128 BASIC, Calculator, 48 BASIC, Tape Tester.
In 128 BASIC, keywords are typed in full and not with single key presses as in 48 BASIC mode.
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