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EA5 198388
Commodore Plus/4 serial number EA5 198388 made in England.
The Plus/4, dating from 1984, has Basic 3.5 and a built-in software package called 3-plus-1. This comprised a word processor, a database and a spreadsheet. Sadly, these were very limited in size and options, and being fixed in ROM could not be updated. While the Plus/4 can use the 1541/1541-II disk drives and standard Commodore printers, it can only use a special joystick and the 1531 datasette unless adaptors are purchased.
It's hard to know who was expected to buy the Plus/4 and few people did. I only bought mine much later, out of curiosity. This and the C16 seem to have been a mistake or maybe someone not keeping an eye on the development department.
Rear view
Rear view showing the power input, serial port, cassette port, RS-232 connector, cartridge port, two joystick ports and video out.
Plus/4 Start-up Screen
Startup screen.
Right hand side
On the righthand side is a reset button and the on/off switch.
Left hand side
On the lefthand side is an rf (tv) output and a blanked off adjuster.
My Plus/4s
EA4 227151 EA4 228365 EA5 198388
Serial EA4 227151 (England) Serial EA4 228365 (England) Serial EA5 198388 (England)
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