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Commodore SX-64
Commodore SX-64 Executive serial number GA6002447 made in Japan.
It must have seemed like a great idea. Take a Commodore 64, combine it with two 5.25 inch disk drives and a 5 inch colour monitor and give it a handle. A full function portable computer. Brilliant!
Except of course it wasn't. The second disk drive was dropped, some say because it used too much power, others because it made the unit too heavy. Even so it still weighed about 10.5 kilo or 23 pounds. Critics at the time called it luggable. It wasn't truly portable anyway, since it needed a mains power supply. Commodore renamed the hole as storage space.
The keyboard is connected by a detachable lead and clips over the screen when not in use. The carrying handle doubles as a stand when folded under the computer. The SX-64 can be connected to a larger monitor and to other disk drives and printers just like a regular 64. A door on the right edge of the front panel reveals volume and video controls. However, there is no connection for a datassette and the cartridge port positioned on top of the unit can be difficult to use. Still, the idea was good and I quite like it.
Released in 1984 the SX-64, or Executive 64 as it was sometimes known, was discontinued in 1986.
Closed for transit
Start-up screen
The keyboard clips over the screen. Screenshot
Rear view
The use of VIC 20 colours for the start-up screen instead of those of the 64 could cause problems with some software which assumed the latter.
Rear view: Two control ports for joysticks, light pens etc., video out to connect to a larger monitor, the serial port for additional disk drives and printers, an RS-232 user port for other peripherals, the power connector, a fuse carrier and the on/off switch. No cassette port.  
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