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2000H system
TV Games System 2000K serial 953523 made in Korea.
  Options are Tennis, Football, Squash and Target (for which I don't have the plug-in rifle). The games can be played by two or four players with expert or amateur settings. Serving can be automatic or player controlled.

This unit works well but is very difficult to tune in to modern television sets. The image here is on my 5 inch black & white portable which is almost correctly tunable if I'm really patient.
3000H system
TV Games System 3000H (no serial number) made in Hong Kong.
Four games for up to four players. This was Commodore's contribution to the long list of Pong clones. The main unit allows the selection of the game, skill level (two options) and manual or automatic serve. Choose from Target (a plug-in rifle is needed, I don't currently have one that works), Football (below left), Squash (below middle) or Tennis (below right).
The 2000K has two controllers attached to the consol by wires, while the 3000H has one built-in paddle and another connected by a wire. In both cases, two more controllers can be plugged in for four player games or a rifle for the Target game. Sound comes from the unit, not the television.
The 2000K works but I cannot get a clear image on any tv set. The 3000K works well but only on my old Toshiba portable television (see the images below).
Both games systems have a mains power adaptor but they can also run from six AA batteries.
Screenshot - Football on the 3000H Screenshot - Squash on the 3000H Screenshot - Tennis on the 3000H
Football. Squash. Tennis.
Screenshots from my 3000K
Lightgun for target game (3000H)
I also have the pistol for the target game on the 3000H.
The target game has a choice of a jumping target (Skeet) or one that's constantly moving. Aiming is tricky and results can be affected by the amount of light in the room and the brightness of the tv.
Following the acquisition of MOS Technology, Commodore entered the tv game market. Like calculators and digital watches, this market soon became saturated.
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