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Cambridge Z88 Portable Computer
Serial number 029174
Made in UK by SCI UK Ltd in Scotland
Includes 128K RAM Pack (not working?), Mac Link (untested), PC Link (untested), soft case and manual.
Requires 4x AA batteries. To avoid memory loss, power from mains while replacing.
Maximum operating life - 20 hours. Maximum unused life - 1 year.
Although Sir Clive Sinclair had sold Sinclair Research and the Sinclair brand name to Amstrad in 1986, that was not his last interest in computer development. With a new company, Cambridge Computer Ltd., in 1987 he launched the portable Cambridge Z88.
The computer includes built-in software and several tasks can be available at the same time. In addition, extra memory or software can be added via the three external expansion slots.
The Z88 runs from the mains or with four AA batteries.
Computer box and manual.
128K RAM pack, mains adapter and parallel printer cable.
Carrying case.
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