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The serial number is missing from my +2.
The Spectrum brand was bought by Amstrad in 1986 and the Spectrum +2 was produced in a grey case similar to that of Amstrad's own computer.
The Plus 2 had full-travel keys and a built-in cassette recorder, called a Datacorder. Sadly, the datacorder does not have an auto-stop or a tape counter. There are two joystick ports, identical in appearance to the standard Atari ones on most computers. However, specially adapted joysticks are still necessary.
Most of the keywords were no longer displayed on the keys.
An RGB socket allows the use of an AV or SCART connector for a better TV picture or connection to a monitor and there is a separate sound out socket. There is also a connection marked RS232 / MIDI and the KEYPAD connection from the original Spectrum +.
The start-up options no longer include Tape Tester.
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