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Museum Hold Tight! Photos
Walking Weather
Acorn Commodore Sinclair PCN
Modern Photos
Rydabus May 2018
Winchester 07.05.18
Winchester 01.01.18
Beer & Buses 2017
Winchester 09.09.17
Dorchester 2017
Stokes Bay 2017
Alton 2017
Wicor 2017
Royal Blue 2017
Southsea 2017
Bournemouth 2017
Ryde 21.05.17
Winchester 01.05.17
Winchester 19.03.17
Winchester 01.01.17
Beer & Buses 2016
Heritage Days 2016
Dorchester 2016
Stokes Bay 2016
Alton 2016
Poole 2016
Royal Blue 2016
Southsea 2016
Didcot 2016
Ryde 22.05.16
Winchester 01.05.16
Winchester 30.04.16
Rear Engined 2016
New Year 2016
Beer & Buses 2015
Music In The City
Heritage Days 2015
Brijan 2015
Dorchester 2015
Thames Valley 2015
Alton 2015
Royal Blue 2015
Wilts & Dorset 100
Southdown 100
Ryde 2015
Winchester 2015
Newport Oct 2014
Farnborough 2014
Stokes Bay 2014
Worthing 2014
Alton 2014
CPPTD July 2014
Newport May 2014
Winchester 2014
Newport IOW 2013
Portswood 2013
Stokes Bay 2013
Alton 2013
NBC May 2013
KA April 2013
Winchester 2013
Winchester 2012
Brijan 2011
Winchester 2011
Brijan 2010
Stokes Bay 2010
Southampton 2010
Winchester 2010
Stokes Bay 2009
Winchester 2004
Newport IOW 2003
Warminster 2003
Stokes Bay 2003
Southampton 2003
Alton 2003
Littlehampton 2003
Other Photos
Hants/Wilts & Dorset
Southampton City
Various Others
Vehicle List
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May 2018
7 May 2018
1 Jan 2018
Vehicle List
Vehicle List
Photo Search
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  Modern Photos - Photos of old buses
Beer & Buses
14/15 Oct 2017
9 Sep 2017
13 August 2017
Stokes Bay
6 Aug 2017
July 2017
June 2017
Royal Blue
June 2017
11 Jun 2017
10 Jun 2017
21 May 2017
1 May 2017
19 Mar 2017
1 Jan 2017
Beer & Buses
15/16 Oct 2016
Heritage Days
September 2016
14 August 2016
Stokes Bay
7 August 2016
17 July 2016
10 July 2016
Royal Blue
June 2016
12 June 2016
5 June 2016
Fort Nelson
30 May 2016
22 May 2016
1 May 2016
30 April 2016
Rear Engined
13 March 2016
New Year 2016
Beer & Buses
17/18 Oct 2015
Music in the City
Heritage Days
Brijan Last Bus
September 2015
August 2015
Thames Valley
Alton, 19th July 2015.
July 2015
Salisbury 19th June 2015.
Royal Blue
June 2015
Salisbury 14th June 2015.
Wilts & Dorset
June 2015
Southsea 7th June 2015.
Southdown 100
June 2015
Ryde 17th May 2015.
May 2015
Winchester, 3-4 May 2015.
May 2015
Newport IOW October 2014
Newport IOW
October 2014
Farnborough September 2014
September 2014
Stokes Bay August 2014
Stokes Bay
August 2014
Worthing July 2014
July 2014
Alton July 2014
July 2014
Fort Nelson July 2014
July 2014
Newport IOW May 2014
Newport IOW
May 2014
Winchester 2014.
January 2014
Newport IOW 2013.
Newport IOW
October 2013
Portswood 2013.
September 2013
Stokes Bay 2013.
Stokes Bay
August 2013
Alton 2013.
July 2013
45 years since the setting up of the NBC
NBC Winchester
May 2013
King Alfred last day 40th anniversary
King Alfred
April 2013
Winchester Running Day 2013
January 2013
King Alfred Running Day 2012
January 2012
Brijan 2011
April 2011
King Alfred Running Day 2011
January 2011
Brijan 2010
August 2010
Stokes Bay 2010
Stokes Bay
August 2010
Southampton 2010
May 2010
Winchester 2010
January 2010
Stokes Bay 2009
Stokes Bay
August 2009
Winchester 2004
January 2004
Newport 2003
Newport IOW
October 2003
Warminster 2003
September 2003
Stokes Bay 2003
Stokes Bay
August 2003
Southampton 2003
August 2003
Alton 2003
July 2003
Littlehampton  2003
July 2003
Other Photos
Other Days
Vehicle List
Vehicle List
Photo Search
  Historic Photos - Old photos of buses
Hants & Dorset and Wilts & Dorset
Hants/Wilts & D
1950s, 60s, 70s
Southampton Corporation, Southampton City Transport and Southampton Citybus
Trams to Citybus
Various other operators
Vehicle List
Vehicle List
Photo Search
Photos are divided into these two groups
Historic Photos Photos   Buses and trams in service.
Hants & Dorset / Wilts & Dorset   47   A collection of photos from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.
Southampton   23   Southampton Corporation, City Transport and Citybus.
Various   14   Other photos.
Modern photos       These pages will usually include more than one operator.
Littlehampton 2003   13   Rally, 6th of July 2003.
Alton 2003   17   Rally at Anstey Park, 20th July 2003.
Southampton 2003   9   Rally at Mayflower Park, 24th of August 2003.
Stokes Bay 2003   9   Annual Gosport & Fareham rally, 25th of August 2003.
Warminster 2003   10   Rally, 14th of September 2003.
Newport IOW 2003   6   Newport bus museum and running day, 19th of October 2003.
Winchester 1st January 2004   14   The annual King Alfred running day.
Stokes Bay 2009   16   Annual Gosport & Fareham rally, 2nd of August 2009.
Winchester 1st January 2010   41   The annual King Alfred running day.
Southampton 2010   21   Sunday 30th of May 2010, "Farewell to Portswood Depot" running day.
Stokes Bay 2010   60   Rally, 1st of August 2010.
Brijan August 2010   12   Pictures of Brijan buses on the road and at Stokes Bay.
Winchester 2nd January 2011   208   King Alfred Running Day, 2nd of January 2011.
Brijan Open Day 2011   34   Sunday 17th of April at the Curdridge depot.
Winchester 1st January 2012   135   King Alfred Running Day, 1st of January 2012.
Winchester 1st January 2013   114   King Alfred Running Day, 1st of January 2013.
King Alfred Anniversary 2013   44   Static display and evening running to re-enact the last day of King Alfred operations - 40 years on.
NBC Winchester May 2013   27   A tribute and running day celebrating 45 years since the setting up of the National Bus Company
Alton 2013   98   Anstey Park, Sunday 21st of July 2013.
Stokes Bay 2013   42   The annual Gosport & Fareham (Provincial) gathering.
Portswood 2013   59   A running day on Southampton Corporation's Portswood depot routes, 8th of September 2013.
Newport IOW 2013   43   The Isle of Wight Bus Museum open day, 20th of October 2013.
Winchester 1st January 2014   54   The last ever New Year running day - in the wind and rain.
Newport 18th May 2014   17   The Isle of Wight running day, Sunday 18th of May 2014.
CPPTD 13th July 2014   26   The Portsmouth museum day at the Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson, Portchester.
Alton 20th July 2014   110   Anstey Park.
Worthing 27th July 2014   60   The annual seafront display.
Stokes Bay 3rd August 2014   29   The annual Gosport & Fareham (Provincial) gathering.
Farnborough 7th September 2014   36   An Aldershot & District running day, with guests.
Newport IOW 19th October 2014   48   The Isle of Wight running day, Sunday 19th of October2014.
Winchester 3rd-4th May 2015   125   A Sunday evening service followed by a Bank Holiday running day with visiting vehicles.
Ryde 17th May 2015   38   A visit to the bus museum at its new premises and the Isle of Wight bus and coach running day.
Southsea 7th June 2015   122   Celebrating 100 years of Southdown buses.
Salisbury 14th June 2015   58   The Wilts & Dorset centenary in Salisbury.
Royal Blue 19th June 2015   33   Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust's Royal Blue and Associated Motorways Run, in Salisbury.
Alton 19th July 2015   113   The annual big rally at Anstey Park. 113 photos.
Thames Valley 2015   79   A celebration of the centenary of the first buses on the Maidenhead - Reading - Streatley route.
Dorchester 2015   26   A selection of buses and coaches operating routes from Dorchester.
Brijan 2015   25   For one final time Xelabus, the new operator of Brijan's former routes, puts N5 BJT back in service.
Heritage Days 2015   25   An opportunity to take in some of Southampton's history. Photos of buses and more from a special weekend.
Music In The City 2015   30   From the Guildhall to the Shieldhall, music in unusual places. Buses too.
Beer & Buses 2015   50   The second Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer and Walks Weekend.
New Year 2016   21   A surprise King Alfred running day in Winchester.
Rear Engined 2016   37   A day of bus rides in the countryside around Winchester, on a variety of rear-engined buses.
Winchester 30th April 2016   22   Saturday evening King Alfred services.
Winchester 1st May 2016   31   King Alfred running day with other routes from Winchester.
Ryde 22nd May 2016   23   A visit to the bus museum and the Isle of Wight bus and coach running day.
CPPTD Fort Nelson 30th May 2016   27   The Portsmouth museum's running day at the Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson, Portchester.
Didcot 5th June 2016   38   Didcot Railway Centre transport rally. Bus services by Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust.
Southsea 12th June 2016   71   A display of preserved and modern buses and coaches from Southdown and around the country.
TV&GWOT Royal Blue Run 2016   55   Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of June 2016.
Poole 10th July 2016   32   Celebrating 100 years since the launch of Bournemouth & District which became Hants & Dorset.
Alton 17th July 2016   120   The annual Alton rally and running day at Anstey Park.
Stokes Bay 7th August 2016   34   The Provincial Society Rally.
Dorchester 14th August 2016   20   The second West-Counntry Historic Omnibus & Transport Trust running day from Dorchester.
Heritage Open Days 2016   26   An opportunity to visit locations around Southampton with vintage bus services.
Beer & Buses 2016   58   The third Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer and Walks Weekend.
Winchester New Year 2017   23   An extra mini-running-day.
Winchester 19th March 2017   21   Featuring front entrance buses from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Winchester 1st May 2017   29   The annual FoKAB running day.
Ryde 21st May 2017   22   The Sunday of the Isle of Wight Bus Museum's Rydabus weekend.
Bournemouth 10th June 2017   22   Celebrating 115 years of Bournemouth Corporation Transport.
Southsea 11th June 2017   48   The annual spectacular on Southsea Common.
TV&GWOT Royal Blue Run 2017   36   Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of June 2017.
Wicor 2017   16   City of Portsmouth Preserved Transport Depot open day.
Alton 2017   79   The 2017 Alton Bus Rally at Anstey Park.
Stokes Bay 2017   31   The 2017 Stokes Bay bus rally.
Dorchester 13 August 2017   22   A running day from Dorchester through the Dorset countryside.
Winchester 9 September 2017   12   The 2017 Twilight Running Day, evening buses in and out of Winchester.
Beer & Buses 2017   58   The Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer and Walks Weekend.
Winchester New Year 2018   23   The now annual mini running day.
Winchester May Day 2018   42   FoKAB's big annual running day. King Alfred and others.
Rydabus May 2018   34   A weekend of local bus services in Ryde, courtesy of the IOW Bus Museum.
Other Photos   15   Photos not included in the above pages. Various vehicles, dates and locations.
        This page may need to be refreshed to ensure the latest additions are included
Information       There are now 3368 photos.
Vehicle Registration List       Check the registration to see if I have a photo of a particular vehicle.
More than 800 registrations       If I have, click the link to go straight to the relevant page.
        Includes vehicle information.
Useful links related to these photos and the vehicle owners
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Aldershot & District Bus Interest Group
Aldershot & District Omnibuses Rescue & Restoration Society
Alton Bus Rally
Bitterne Local History Society
Bristol Vintage Bus Group
City of Portsmouth Preserved Transport Depot
Classic Buses - Events Diary
Classic Buses - Links
Devon and Dorset Group
Devon General Omnibus Trust
Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust
and Dorian
Friends of King Alfred Buses
Gosport's buses and trams
Hampshire Bus & Coach Preservation
Hants & Surrey 'Bristol RE' Group
Isle of Wight Bus Museum
Julia's House
London Bus Museum
London Transport Museum
Medstead Depot Omnibus Group
Mid Hants Railway (Watercress Line)
Naomi House
Oxford Bus Museum
Provincial Enthusiasts Website
Provincial Society
Royal Armouries Fort Nelson
Showbus - Rally Calendar
Solent Omnibus Club
Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust
Southampton (Old) Bowling Green
Southampton Tram Project
Southdown Enthusiasts Club
Southern Bus Events
SS Shieldhall
St. Michael's Church Southampton
Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust
393 Preservation Group
Tudor House and Garden
uk buses
Westcountry Historic Omnibus & Transport Trust (WHOTT)
Winchester Bus Running Days
Worthing Bus Rally
Worthy Winchester Hash House Harriers
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