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Old Photos
1920 Brill 21E - English Electric body
In Swaythling on the 30th of March 1945, on route to the Docks via High Street. Southampton's trams were painted mostly grey during the war, to make them harder to see from the air.
1924 Brill 21E - S.C.T. body

On the same day and in the same place is number 11, on its way to the Docks via St. Mary's. Originally number 3, this tram was given a lower, domed top deck in 1925 to allow it to run through the Bargate.

By the 1930s Southampton's trams and tracks needed replacement and, although trolleybuses were considered, it was decided that buses would be used instead. The last trams ran in 1949.
Number 11 is the only survivor of its type and is currently being restored by Southampton Tram Project.
Number 89 survived until the end of tram operation in 1949.
Number 45, an example of the open-top type, is at the Crich tramway museum while the remains of 38, another open-topper are stored in Southampton with number 11.
9 - OW3434
1933 Thornycroft Daring - Park Royal
In the pre-war cream and blue livery, awaiting delivery and without its registration plates. The lettering reads SOUTHAMPTON CORPORATION MOTOR SERVICE.
9 - OW3434
1933 Thornycroft Daring - Park Royal
Number 9 was renumbered 9A in 1946 and was sold that same year. It appears to have ended its days with London Transport, relieving the post-war shortages.
Front diplay:
Nearside display:
Rear display:
The photos originate from the Thornycroft company.
239 - HTR56
1952 Guy Arab III - Park Royal
A summer scene, 239 is loading up in a sunny Pound Tree Road with Town Centre via Midanbury, Portswood, Shirley, Millbrook, 4 on the destination. The photo dates from the 1950s, Southampton did not become a city until 1964.
251 - JOW924
1952 Guy Arab UF - Park Royal
The chassis was registered in 1952 but the 36 seat body not added until 1955. It was altered to 39 seats in 1964. Seen in Portswood depot marked 8A Portswood via Chessel Ave and Peartree Ave (from Weston Estate and Woolston). This type was also used on the 10 Highfield, Portswood, Swaythling, Mansbridge and the 19 between Regent's Park, Shirley and Bellemoor.
305 - 305TR
1961 Leyland PD2 - Park Royal
At the Classic cinema in Above Bar in 1974 or 1975 on a 7A to Floating Bridge Southampton. Followed by another PD2 (with the later front end) on a 9A. Is this the ugliest Park Royal body ever? The Classic is showing Dirty Harry (1971) and Teenage Milkmaid (1974).
361 - BTR361B
1964 AEC Regent V - Neepsend
Waiting at the Townhill Park (Meggeson Avenue) turning circle on a 14A to the City Centre, May 1979.
367 - BTR367B
1964 AEC Regent V - Neepsend
At the junction of Above Bar and New Road on a 12 from the City Centre to Bullar Road.
367 - BTR367B
1964 AEC Regent V - Neepsend
In London Road on a 15 from Bassett Green to the City Centre. 8th June 1978.
383 - JCR383E
1967 AEC Regent V - East Lancs
On a 7A to the City Centre, seen at the Town Junction bus stop at the top of Commercial Road. May 1979.
391 - JCR391E
1967 AEC Regent V - East Lancs
On a 17C to th City Centre, 391 waits at the Borrowdale Road (Windermere Avenue, Millbrook Estate) terminus on 21 May 1979.
8 - TCR294H
1969 AEC Swift - East Lancs
In Pound Tree Road waiting to do an 8 to Weston Estate.
125 - TTR159H
1970 Leyland Atlantean - East Lancs
At Shirley depot, May 1979, in standard Southampton City Transport Atlantean colours.
133 - TTR167H
1970 Leyland Atlantean - East Lancs
Adapted for wheelchair users and in the Wheels On Wheels City Bus livery. In the "new" garage at Portswood depot.
172 - PCR295M
1974 Leyland Atlantean - East Lancs
In the reversed City Bus colours but without lettering. Parked in Pound Tree Road and showing 10 City Centre.
177 - PCR300M
1974 Leyland Atlantean - East Lancs
In the original Southampton City Transport colours. Parked in Pound Tree Road ready to do a 6 circular route.
201 - HTR565P
1975 Leyland Atlantean - East Lancs
In Pound Tree Road unloading on a 1.
242 - UPO242T
1979 Leyland Atlantean - East Lancs
Wearing an all-over advert for Hitachi and small City Bus stickers, 242 is turning from Above Bar to Commercial Road on a 9 to Lords Hill. The Christmas decorations are up and Plummers department store looks busy. The shop closed in December 1992.
268 - FTR268X
1981 Leyland Atlantean - East Lancs
In the same place, at the same time and in City Bus livery, 268 is on an 11 to Bassett Green via Portswood. The disc on the front proclaims "We are YOUR bus company".
270 - FTR270X
1981 Leyland Atlantean
Wearing its later City Bus all-red colour and named Mauritania, seen in Above Bar, crossing New Road on route 11 to Sholing.
406 - WLT564
1960 Routemaster / Park Royal
Ex London Transport RM564 was operated by City Bus in 1987. It's seen here in Vincents Walk on a 16 to Millbrook Estate.
408 - 713DYE
1963 Routemaster / Park Royal
Ex London Transport RM1713. It has the later, more subdued colours and lettering. The destination shows 17A Weston. Next door is 227, a 1978 Atlantean. The pair are in Portswood depot.
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