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Sunday 25th of June 2017.
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LRV 996 - At Wicor on the Cosham shuttle.
City of Portsmouth
Passenger Transport Depot
Open Day
CPPTD opened their Wicor depot to the public, running a shuttle service between the depot, Portchester and Cosham.
As well as riding on LRV 996 and BBK 236B on the shuttle route, I took a Portsdown Tour on ERV 251D.

Not very summery with a very strong wind. You would have thought nobody would ride upstairs but we did.

Members on hand willing to talk about their projects. A very enjoyable day out in a relaxed atmosphere.
LRV 996
At Cosham.
ORV 989
At Wicor.
BBK 236B
At Cosham.
CTP 200
On the way to Cosham.
ERV 251D
At Wicor.
TBK 190K
At Wicor.
AHC 442
1951 AEC Regent III / Bruce.
STP 995
1959 Leyland Titan PD3 / MCW.
DTP 823
1948 Leyland Titan PD1 / Weymann.
RV 6367
1935 Leyland Titan TD4 / English Electric.
RV 4649
1934 AEC 661T / English Electric.
Tram 13
1903 British Electric.
RV 3411
1933 Leyland Titan TD2 (converted).
RV 720
1931 Crossley Condor (converted).
K916 VDV
1993 Iveco / Mellor.
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