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Sunday 1st of September 2019.
Horsham Bus Rally
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Classic buses in free service and on display at Hop-Oast Park & Ride
From Hop Oast Park & Ride there were free trips to and from:the town centre (above), Horsham Station, Billingshurst, Steyning (top right), Partridge Green, Southwater, Pulbrough, Henfield and Storrington (lower right). Organised by Worthing Bus Rally.
Horsham Bus Rally
Sunday 1st of September 2019
822 DYE - London Transport
Routemaster RM1822
Horsham station
MLL 808 - London Transport
AEC Regent IV RF271
Town centre
TRY 118H - Leicester Corporation
Bristol RELL 118
Town centre
TYD 911W - Safeway (Somerset)
Leyland Leopard
Town centre
CUV 317C - London Transport
Routemaster RML2317
BUF 122C - Southdown
Leyland Leopard 122
Hop Oast
AYJ 97T - Southdown
Leyland National 97
Hop Oast
UUF 116J - Southdown
Bristol VRT 516
Hop Oast
Y847 GCD - Brighton & Hove
Dennis Trident 847
Hop Oast
NPJ 472R - Alder Valley
Leyland National 251
Hop Oast
GPC 736N - Alder Valley
Leyland National 187
Hop Oast
MXX 342 - London Transport
Guy Vixen GS42
Hop Oast
NLE 534 - London Transport
AEC Regal IV RF534
Hop Oast
VDV 122S - Western/Southern National
Bristol VRT 1122
Hop Oast
XDL 800L - Southern Vectis
Leyland National 876
Hop Oast
THX 220S - London Transport
Leyland National LS220
Hop Oast
BYW 382V - London Transport
Leyland National LS382
Hop Oast
GX04 EXL - Stagecoach Southdown
Dennis Dart 34517
Hop Oast
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