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Sunday 22nd of September 2019.
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Amberley Museum
Autumn Bus Show
Sunday 22nd September 2019
Amberley Museum is an industrial heritage museum in the South Downs National Park. Situated in a former quarry, the museum houses more than 40 exhibits in 36 acres of grounds showing how science and technology have changed the way we live.
The day saw a number of buses from different eras offering rides around the museum grounds.
And, of course, all the museum attractions were open with the railway in steam.
Heavy rain was forecast but there were only a couple of showers. Not enough to stop the large number of visitors enjoying their day out.
The Buses
IB 552 - Tilling Stevens (1914)
UF 4813 - Leyland Titan TD1 (1929)*
UF 6805 - Tilling Stevens (1930)
UF 6473 - Leyland TD1 (1930)
UF 7428 - Leyland Titan TD1 (1931)
BUF 122C - Leyland Leopard (1964)*
CFN 154 - Dennis Lancet III (1948)*
BP 9822 - Replica Bus
MXX 342 - Guy Vixen (1953)*
VKR 470 - AEC Regent V (1956)*
373 FCR - AEC Regent V (1963)*
GX04 EXL - Dennis Dart (2004)*
UF 1517 - Dennis 30cwt (1927)
ECD 524 - Leyland Cub (1937)
BR 7132 - Leyland Lion (1929)
* indicates a visiting bus. Some buses are not shown here.
The Museum
Narrow Guage Railway
The Village Garage
The Village Garage
The Fire Station
The Fire Station
The Fire Station
Connected Earth
Connected Earth
TV & Radio Exhibition
Electricity Hall
Electricity Hall
The Former Fairmile Cafe
Pottery Workshop
These are just a few of the exhibits. Please visit the Amberley Museum website for further details.
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