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Bob Mockford Online is the personal website of Bob Mockford. This is a non-commercial site and has no connection with any business or association. The website names www.bob-mockford.co.uk and www.bobmockford.co.uk are registered with the relevant authorities.
The site was started in personal webspace on CompuServe in 1996 and relaunched on Freeserve (later Wanadoo) in 1998. The domain name was changed to bobmockford.co.uk in July of that year. After moving to new hosts in 2000, the site layout was redesigned in 2005 and it was given a fresh new look in 2015. In September 2017, after problems with the previous hosts, the site was moved wth the new domain bob-mockford.co.uk. Don't worry if you still see a link to the old domain bobmockford.co.uk. This will take you to the current site.
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