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Welcome to bob-mockford.co.uk
www.bob-mockford.co.uk - the new home of
Bob Mockford Online
The site has been designed to give a clearer, fresher appearance. Links have standardized colours and are positioned in the same places on every page so you always know where you are and where you can go from here.
The top line
The logo at the top of each page will take you straight to the main home page.
To the right of the logo is the section title. If you are on a section's title page, this link is black and takes you to the main home page.
If it is red then you are on a page within that section and clicking here takes you to the section's title page.
Additionally, the TV Guide has a red title. This allows you to reload the page if you have the DigiGuide.tv page displayed.
Note that clicking on the DigiGuide UK TV Guide logo takes you away from Bob Mockford Online.
Example 1:
  Walking Routes  
Here you are on the title page of the Walking section.
Clicking either the logo or the title takes you to the main home page.
Example 2:
  Walking - Stations  
In this example, you would be on the Stations page of the Walking section.
Clicking the logo takes you to the main home page.
Clicking the Walking title takes you to the Walking index page because it is red.
The Stations title is black, so that is the page you are currently on.
Example 3:
  Walking - Stations - Hamble  
In this example, you would be on the Hamble page of the Stations sub-section of the Walking section.
Clicking the logo takes you to the main home page.
Clicking the Walking title takes you to the Walking index page because it is red.
Clicking the Stations title takes you to the Stations index page within the Walking section because it is red.
The Hamble title is black, so that is the page you are currently on.
The exception to this is the Bus Photos section where clicking on the event name takes you to the next page (if any) and eventually back to the first page.
  Photos - Alton 2015 - Page 1  
Here, clicking on Alton 2015 would take you to page 2.
Clicking on Alton 2015 on page 2 would take you to page 3 if there is a page 3, otherwise back to page 1.
Clicking on Alton 2015 on page 3 would take you to page 4 if there is a page 4, otherwise back to page 1.
Note that if there was only one page, Alton 2015 would be black and would have no link.
The navigation bar
Museum Hold Tight! Photos
Walking Weather
Acorn Commodore Sinclair PCN
No matter where you are in the web site, the navigation bar is always the same.
Clicking on Sections takes you to the main home page.
Clicking on any of the other links takes you to the title page for that section.
Links are grouped so that the bus sections are together, then the outdoors sections followed by the computer sections and finally the adding machines.
The local navigation column
Title page
and full
location list
More Info
To the left of the main part of the page is the familiar column of local links.
Only links related to the current page are shown. These links may be different from those previously used.
Below the local links there may be other links or information relating to the page.
In a few cases a page may be alone within its section. The About page is an example of this, there are no onward links.
On these pages the local navigation column displays the section index page links.
Current single pages are About (website information), History (my jobs), Links (general links), TV Guide and Weather.
The example here has the first option in grey. This indicates that the link refers to the current page.
Links within the main text of the page
Internal text links (to other pages in this web site) are red.
External text links (to other sites) are blue.
Note that these colours only apply to links within the main text and navigation column. Links separated from the main text may be in any colour.
Both internal and external links can be images.
Link symbols
Standard symbols used throughout these pages:
Website Facebook Twitter Email Walking
General Information
Bob Mockford Online is the personal website of Bob Mockford. The website names www.bob-mockford.co.uk, www.bobmockford.co.uk, www.bobmockford.com and www.bobmockford.uk are registered with the relevant authorities.
The site was started in personal webspace on CompuServe in 1996 and relaunched on Freeserve (later Wanadoo) in 1998. The domain name was changed to bobmockford.co.uk in July of that year. After moving to new hosts in 2000, the site layout was redesigned in 2005 and it was given a fresh new look in 2015. In September 2017, after problems at the previous hosts, the site was moved to the current hosts wth the new domain bob-mockford.co.uk.
The contents of my website pages are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.
Where material is imported from another source, copyright is held by the owner or owners of that source whether this is stated or not.
If you would like to use any material from this website please ask giving details of how and where it would be used.
Copyright © Bob Mockford 2005 to 2017. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright of individual images and photos varies. Please ask.
This site does not place any cookies on your computer. However, clicking on an external link may take you to sites which do. Since May 2012, under European Union rules, sites which use cookies must tell you so and give you the chance to opt out.
Data Collection
The web site hosts collect data and supply it to me. This data shows the number of visits and the pages visited, requests by host computers, the number of requests for each page, servers from which requests were made (web site links, search engines, etc.), words used in search engines to reach this site, types of browser and operating system used, and failed requests. None of this information can be used by me to identify you, your location or your computer.
While every effort has been made to provide accurate and up to date information, any information supplied may vary and may not apply to everyone or at all times. Please check with the company or organisation concerned. The inclusion in or omission from my pages of any reference to commercial or other organisations is not intended to convey any preference or recommendation.
Where links are provided to other websites, no responsibility can be accepted for accuracy or suitability of content, nor for the continued availability of the site. This web site is produced in good faith but is intended to provide general information only and should not be relied upon. For more detailed information contact the relevant company or service.
It is my intention to keep this site safe for all the family and I reserve the right to delete or decline any link without notice and without explanation. However it is not possible to make any guarantee and none is made or implied. Visitors should therefore use their own judgement.
In some cases pages contain content supplied by other persons or organisations. This content may include opinions with which I do not agree and over which I have no control. Google Custom Search results for this site and external content may also include advertising. Any product or service so promoted does not indicate an endorsement by me.
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