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Newport 18th May 2014
.The Isle of Wight running day, Sunday 18th of May 2014.
Southern Vectis 301
KDL 885F
Duple bodied 1968 Bristol RESH leaving on a tour.
Don Everall of Wolverhampton
VJW 882
A 1958 Commer with a Duple Corinthian body, parked near the bus museum.
Southern Vectis 806
FDL 927D
1966 Bristol MW6G is in the colours of the former island operator Enterprise.
Southern Vectis 611
CDL 479C
The 1965 Bristol FLF6G on a run from the museum to the bus station.
Southern Vectis 216
FDL 676
A 1949 Bedford OB with Duple body, returning to the museum.
Solent Blue Line 37
NDL 637M
Southern Vectis 637, a 1973 Bristol VRT, went to the mainland operation.
Seaview Services 11
GDL 764
A beautifully turned-out 1950 all-Leyland PD2.
Southern Vectis 702
CDL 899
This 1939 Bristol K5G was very popular, running a number of tours.
John Woodham's Coaches (Ryde)
CCF 648
A smart 1949 Bedford OB, new to Theobald's Coaches (Suffolk) and still in service.
Southern Vectis 721
EDL 657
The first time I've seen this 1947 Bristol K5G which has been lovingly restored.
Southern Vectis 563
SDL 268
The 1959 Bristol LD6G has just returned from Havenstreet.
Damory Coaches 5066
UDL 673S
A 1978 Bristol VRT, originally Hants & Dorset 3416 but later Southern Vectis 673.
Southern Vectis 835
HDL 279
A 1951 Bristol LL5G with ECW body returning to Newport Quay.
Southern Vectis 202
KDL 202W
A 1981 Bristol LHS.
Southern Vectis 817
G526 VYE
New to London United, also used by Marchwood Motorways (Solent Blue Line).
Southern Vectis 500
MDL 954
A 1956 Bristol converted for open-top services.
Southern Vectis 004
GXX 785
1945 AEC Matador tow-truck.
Norman's Coaches
1979 Bedford YMT with Plaxton body.
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