Photos - Winchester Evening Buses, 9 September 2017
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Saturday 9th of September 2017.
Friends of King Alfred Buses
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UOU 417H in Stockbridge
The 8/9 service out via Crawley, returning by the more direct route.
Twilight Services
Friends of King Alfred Buses
Saturday 9th of September
As well as the main annual running day, FoKAB organise an evening of bus services in September.
Starting in daylight and ending in the dark, this event includes city and rural routes.
I took rides to Fishers Pond, Sparsholt and Stockbridge.
An evening of bus journeys in and out of Winchester
595 LCG in Andover Road
On an 18 to Springvale.
596 LCG in the Cattle Market car park
Between journeys.
WCG 104 at Fishers Pond
Out as a 2 via Shawford, back as a 1.
WCG 104 at Sparsholt
On service 7.
OU 9286 in The Broadway
Leaving for the Cattle Market.
UOU 417H in Crawley
On the 8/9 route to Stockbridge.
UOU 417H in Stockbridge
Waiting to return to Winchester.
UOU 419H in The Broadway
About to depart on a 4A to Stanmore.
POU 494 in The Broadway
Next is a 17 to Springvale.
WCG 104 in Stockbridge Road
At the Andover Road lights.
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