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A collection of photos from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.
Old Photos
Where two fleet numbers are shown, the first is until September 1971 and the second from September 1971.
A small black & white photo.
The fleet number and registration are unreadable, even when scanned at high resolution. Hants & Dorset swapped some of these body types and rebuilt others.The destination reads NOT IN SERVICE 000.
1286 / 1349 - KEL729
1951 Bristol KSW6B
Bournemouth bus station, April 1969, showing Private 1. On the left is a Bristol MW coach. To the rear can be seen a Lodekka in limited stop cream livery and a Wilts & Dorset Lodekka.
Image kindly donated by Ian Banks
1296 / 1359 - KRU962
1951 Bristol KSW6B
Bournemouth bus station, March 1969.
The car is a Ford Zodiac and the registration appears to be 4125RU, dating from 1963.
Photo C.Essex
1297 / 1360 - KRU963
1951 Bristol KSW6B
Eastleigh garage (Blenheim Road) in August 1970. The display shows EASTLEIGH 123.
1253 - JEL272
1338 / 1402 - LRU68
1487 / 1212 - 7687LJ
862 / 1793 - UEL736
1950 Bristol K5G, 1954 Bristol LD6B, 1962 Bristol FL6G, 1957 Bristol LS6G
1253 was withdrawn before the 1971 renumbering. Photo is of Bournemouth bus station in the 1960s.
3493 - KDL414
(Southern Vectis 518)
1954 Bristol LD6G
One of a number loaned to Hants & Dorset from 1973 to 1975. Given an H&D fleet number and Southampton depot yellow disc but continued to carry SVOC name and legal lettering. Photographed in Grosvenor Square and displaying Southampton 51.
Photo C.Essex
1341 / 1405 - LRU71
1954 Bristol LD6B
Bournemouth bus station 1974 showing destination Wimborne 22. Still in the old Tilling green but with the formerly black mudguards painted green and carrying its new number with Bournemouth white and black depot discs.
1354 / 1418 - RLJ504
1955 Bristol LD6G
On an 88 from Central Station to Thornhill Estate, rounding the Civic Centre Rose Gardens with the old bus station building (left) and the Lord Louis pub.
1404 / 1468 - UEL725
1958 Bristol LD6G
In Cumberland Place, Southampton on its way from the bus station to the Grosvenor Square Garage after arriving on a 51 in August 1970.
1449 / 1114 - 5676EL
1961 Bristol FS6G
Fareham bus station 1974 showing Fareham 53 (from Southampton). Carrying its new number and Fareham depot discs (yellow and black), but still has black mudguards. On the left is a Southdown Leyland PD3/4 (Queen Mary) in NBC apple green.
1465 / 1201 - 4388LJ
1961 Bristol FL6G
In Grosvenor Square, Southampton in 1973.
1484 / 1209 - 7684LJ
1962 Bristol FL6G
In The Avenue, Southampton on a 47 from Winchester in the 1970s.
Hants & Dorset were unusual in having 70 seat rear entrance Lodekkas.
1489 / 1142 - 4689RU
1963 Bristol FS6G
One of my favourite buses while I worked in Winchester, 1489 survived until the end of crew operation in 1980. Seen in Southampton bus station, in May 1979.
1489 / 1142 - 4689RU
1963 Bristol FS6G
In Winchester bus station displaying 187, a local city service (Winnall - Oliver's Battery).
666 / 123 - 475BMR
1964 Bristol FS6B
In Wilts & Dorset colours in Southampton bus station on a 37 back to Salisbury. Photo taken before the fleet merger and renumbering.
1515 / 1168 - CEL863C
1964 Bristol FS6G
Leaving Winchester bus station on a 47 to Southampton, carrying its post-1971 number and Southampton depot disc.
1531 / 1228 - EEL894C
1965 Bristol FLF6G
Winchester bus station on service 47 back to Chandler's Ford and Southampton on a September 1969 evening, with me as the conductor.
1531 / 1228 - EEL894C
1965 Bristol FLF6G
In Southampton bus station on a 47 to Winchester. Photo taken before renumbering.
664 / 219 - JMR814F
1967 Bristol FLF6B
A former Wilts & Dorset vehicle seen in Basingstoke bus station on a service 314 to Popley. 29/4/1975.
1564 / 1261 - KRU238F
1967 Bristol FLF6L
Rounding the Civic Centre Rose Gardens in the 1970s on a 36 Southampton to Calmore. Behind is the old bus station building on the left and the Lord Louis pub on the right.
1565 / 1262 - KRU239F
644 / 107 - 682AAM (Wilts & Dorset)
1967 Bristol FLF6L
1962 Bristol FS6G
Grosvenor Square, May 1979.
1574 / 1271 - LLJ440F
1967 Bristol FLF6L
One of two semi-automatic FLFs delivered to Winchester depot while I worked there (the other being 1575). Seen here at the rear of Winchester bus station showing Winchester Eastleigh 48. The bus on the right has the Wintonline local area name.
1575 / 1272 - LLJ441F
1967 Bristol FLF6L
The other Winchester semi-automatic being used by Southampton depot, parked in Grosvenor Square and showing Southampton 51. Along side is 1536 / 1233 reg FLJ153D, a 1966 FLF6B. The Winchester bus has no sun visor and has a black rubber surround to the destination display.
1905 - VRU128J
1971 Daimler CRG6LX - Roe
In the Rose Gardens outside Southampton bus station in 1972, on a 54 to the Central Station but with West End displayed ready for the return journey. The Daimlers were H&D's first double deck PAYE buses, brought in because SCT had converted their half of the services on this joint route.
3327 - JJT439N
1975 Bristol VRT
At the kiosk (Manchester Street) end of the bus station on route 88A from the Central Station to Thornhill.(1970s).
2301 - HOR589E
1967 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/2
Former King Alfred bus on the left with its sister 2303 - HOR591E on the right, in 1978.
2651 - 412FOR and 780 - LWV964
Leyland PSU3 and Bristol LS5G
Former King Alfred Leyland PSU3 with Willowbrook bodywork, 2651 is parked next to 780, an ex Wilts & Dorset Bristol LS5G, near the old Winchester Chesil station.
801 / 1787 - SRU977
1956 Bristol LS5G
One of a batch supplied with front and rear doors for crew operation but reduced in 1958 to front door only.
860 / 1791 - UEL734
1957 Bristol LS6G
A former coach downgraded and converted to bus work. Seen in August 1970 with Shamrock & Rambler 1963 Bedford SB5 / Duple reg 525CER which is carrying H&D Southampton number 929.
886 / 1832 - 7122LJ
1962 Bristol MW6G
In Southampton bus station in British Rail Seaspeed Hovercraft livery for the 52H shuttle service between the Central Station and the hovercraft to Cowes, Isle of Wight.
727 / 837 - EMR302D
1966 Bristol MW6G
A former Wilts & Dorset dual purpose vehicle seen in Bournemouth bus station on an X38 to Salisbury (but still showing Bournemouth on the blind) in September 1972.
837 / 1611 - NLJ826G
1968 Bristol RE
An example with original low windscreen. Photographed In Grosvenor Square with Cadnam / Nomandsland 40A on the old-style destination display (in capitals).
842 / 1616 - NLJ872G
1969 Bristol RELL6G
A dual-purpose RE allocated to Bournemouth and seen on a 10 to the bus station. This batch had an advertising panel on the side, below the waistrail and a new-style fleetname in red on the cream band..
3042 / 1638 - UEL558J
1970 Bristol RELL6G
An RE with the later front end, stiil green but renumbered and with NBC lettering in cream instead of white. Allocated to Poole depot, displaying 26 Bear Cross.
3027 / 1523 - REL744H
1969 Bristol LH6L
The early type of LH with a low, flat windscreen. Still in Tilling green and cream but with NBC logo and new number with yellow and black Fareham depot discs. Fareham bus station in 1973 on a 73 to Lee-on-Solent and Gosport.
3556 - GLJ488N
1975 Bristol LH
Seen on route 30 from Cadnam to Southampton. In Portland Terrace with the Lord Louis pub behind it, 3556 is about to enter the bus station.
1691 - JKK186E
1967 Leyland Panther
One of a group of such vehicles acquired from Maidstone & District in 1972. This one was their S86. It is on a 123 to Bournemouth.
1695 - JKK190E
1967 Leyland PSUR1
This one was Maidstone's S90. Seen at the rear of Winchester bus station in April 1975 showing Winchester 196, the former King Alfred route 10 to Sutton Scotney, Whitchurch and Overton. Photo C.Essex.
684 - JKK195E
1967 Leyland PSUR1
Acquired from Maidstone & District in 1972 and allocated a Wilts & Dorset fleet number. This one, Maidstone's S95, is in Basingstoke and has been repainted in poppy red.
3612 - NEL855M
1973 Leyland National
In the Rose Gardens (Southampton bus station / Civic Centre) on a 56 from Southampton to Lymington in 1973.
3635 - GFX974N
1974 Leyland National
In Winchester bus station showing route 183, a city service to Weeke and Harestock.
2602 - AOU109J
1971 Scania BR111 / MCW
May 1973 in Winchester Broadway. One of three former King Alfred Scanias (108, 109, 110). 109 , now H&D 2602, is ready to do a 4A to Stanmore. 110 is behind waiting to go to Harestock on a 20.
881 / 1827 - 1473LJ
1961 Bristol MW6G
On the A55 near Colwyn Bay on a 7 Day Tour of The Wye Valley and North Wales.
926 / 57 - PEL905G
Bedford VAL70
New to Wilts & Dorset, seen in Bournemouth bus station, September 1972. Thought to be a Duple Viceroy body.
916 / 1053 - MRU124F
1968 Bristol RELH6G
In a New Forest car park on an excursion in 1973 and wearing NBC white. One of a batch of five (916-920) with Duple Northern Commander III bodies.
1060 - WEL463J
1971 Leyland Leopard / Plaxton
In Hants & Dorset's smart pre- National Travel cream and green livery.
On hire to Royal Blue.
A tow truck photographed in Grosvenor Square in July 1967. The fleet number is hard to see but looks like 2006. This would make it a 1938 Bristol L5G, registration BOW162. The fleet numbers would have been TS662 (1938), 729 (1950/1), 2006 on being rebuilt as a recovery vehicle and 9081 from 1971. The vehicle has no registration plates but does have trade plates. The front one is partially visible and seems to be 058CR (a known H&D plate). 2006/9081 was later painted yellow.
Just visible in the garage is 899 / 1052 AEL7B a 1964 Bristol RELH6G coach.
Their original cream and green livery was very smart.
917 and 920 were destroyed in separate fires while on tour in 1970.
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