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Newport IOW 2013
The Isle of Wight Bus Museum open day, 20th of October 2013.
CDL 899
Southern Vectis 702
1939 Bristol K5G with ECW body, converted to open-top in 1959.
DDL 50
Southern Vectis 703
1940 Bristol K5G with ECW body, converted to open-top in 1959.
FDL 676
Southern Vectis 216
1949 Bedford OB with Duple body.
HDL 279
Southern Vectis 835
1951 Bristol LL5G with ECW body.
SDL 268
Southern Vectis 563
1959 Bristol LD6G with ECW body.
CDL 479C
Southern Vectis 611
1965 Bristol FLF6G with ECW body.
FDL 927D
Southern Vectis 806
1966 Bristol MW6G with ECW body. The current livery represents former island operator Enterprise Bus Service.
KDL 885F
Southern Vectis 301
1968 Bristol RESH6LX with Duple body. Only 11 RESHs were built and 301 proved to be under-powered, requiring a new engine.
SDL 638J
Southern Vectis 628
.1971 Bristol VRT with ECW body.
NDL 637M
Solent Blue Line 37
1973 Bristol VRT with ECW body, 37 was Southern Vectis 637 but crossed the Solent in 1987. Seen in one of several torrential downpours!
GXX 785
Southern Vectis 004
AEC Matador bought and rebodied by SVOC in 1963.
GDL 764
Seaview Services 11
1950 Leyland PD2 with Leyland body.
JJT 437N
Hants & Dorset 3325
1975 Bristol VRT with ECW body, renumbered 4325 by Wilts & Dorset Bus Company.
UFX 858S
Hants & Dorset 3377
1977 Bristol VRT with ECW convertible body. Became Southern Vectis 506 in 1979, went to Westbrook Travel in 1998 and Seaview Services in 2003.
UDL 673S
Damory Coaches 5066
1978 Bristol VRT with ECW body, new as Southern Vectis 673, transferred to Hants & Dorset as 3416 and renumbered 4416 by Wilts & Dorset.
BFX 666T
Wilts & Dorset 4413
1978 Bristol VRT, 3413 in the Hants & Dorset fleet, 5072 with Damory Coaches.
GEL 686V
Damory Coaches 5070
1980 Bristol VRT with ECW body, new to Hants & Dorset as 3436 and renumbered 4436 by Wilts & Dorset.
409 DCD
Southdown 409
1964 Leyland Titan PD3 with Northern Counties "Queen Mary" body.
HCD 347E
Southdown 347
1967 Leyland Titan PD3 with NCME body.
2726 CD
Southdown 1726
1961 Leyland Leopard with Harrington Cavalier body.
AHU 803
Bristol 2355
1934 Bristol JJW coach numbered 749, rebodied as a bus by Bristol Tramways Bridlington works in 1947
CAP 229
Brighton, Hove & District 352
1940 Bristol K5G with ECW body, originally 6352, renumbered 352 in 1955. Eastern Counties (LKO397) from 1962 to 1967.
CAP 234
Southern Vectis 903
1940 Bristol K5G with ECW body, new to Brighton, Hove & District as 6350. Renumbered 350 in 1955. Southern Vectis 903 from 1960 to 1967.
AJN 825
Westcliff On Sea
1939 Bristol K5G with ECW body, new to Westcliff On Sea Motor Services. Spent time during WW2 with Bristol Tramways (3718) and with Eastern National (1269) from 1955 to 1960.
KOW 910F
Southampton 402
1967 AEC Regent V with Neepsend body. Waiting to board the ferry in Southampton.
BBK 236B
Portsmouth 236
1964 Leyland Atlantean with Metro-Cammell body.
NUD 105L
Oxford, South Midland
1973 Bristol VRT with ECW body, new to City of Oxford (105, later 315) then South Midland (315, later 605).
VJW 882
Don Everall
1958 Commer with Duple Corinthian body. In service with Don Everall of Wolverhampton until 1962.
WKJ 787
Moss Tours, Island Queen
1956 Beadle Rochester integral coach, initially a demonstrator.
VHK 177L
Eastern National
1972 Bristol RELH with ECW body. New to Tillings Transport (NBC) as 9441, Eastern National (1404) in 1978 and rebodied in 1981. Bristol Omnibus (2079) in 1985 and Badgerline (2079) in 1986.
KYY 529
London Transport RT1702
1950 AEC Regent III with Park Royal body.
KYY 653
London Transport RT1798
1950 AEC Regent III with Weymann body.
London Transport RM8
1958 AEC Routemaster with Park Royal body. One of the original RMs but did not enter service until the 1970s.
WLT 613
London Transport RM613
1961 AEC Routemaster with Park Royal body.
CUV 317C
Thomas Tilling RML2317
1965 AEC Routemaster with Park Royal body, new to London Transport, also in service with London Country.
UPB 340S
London Country SNB340
1977 Leyland National.
DKN 689
Island Steam Traction Co.
1937 Sentinel S4 steam lorry. Originally a flat-bed, has a passenger-carrying body fitted.
KIG 7114
Brijan 114 "Reggie"
Volvo with Alexander body.
E289 HRV
1987 Leyland Olympian with East Lancs body, new to Southampton City Bus as 289.
G526 VYE
Southern Vectis 817
1990 Dennis Dart with Duple body. New to London United (DT26).
K125 BUD
Southern Vectis 5625
1992 Volvo with Northern Counties body, previously numbered 625. New to London General.
Southern Vectis 1104
Scania Omnicity alongside 1519, a Dennis Enviro 400, HW62 CCD.
Bluestar 1527
2013 Alexander Dennis Trident Enviro 400.
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