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Old Photos
Bristol Omnibus Co
Unknown Bristol FLF outbound on Gloucester Road, Bristol, in the late 1960s.
Bristol Omnibus Co 1214
YHY 594J
1971 Bristol RELL / ECW on a local Cirencester service in June 1977.
Provincial 25
UAA 225M
1974 Leyland National in NBC green on a 6 Bridgemary to Gosport in September 1977.
Southern Vectis 705 (503)
XDL 872
1977 Bristol VRT6G, former Hants & Dorset 3374. Originally UFX 855S then VDL 613S. Seen on a 42 in Yarmouth on 22/05/2001.
Southern Vectis 706 (504)
WDL 655
1977 Bristol VRT6G, former Hants & Dorset 3375. Originally UFX 856S. Seen in Sandown on a 43 to Shanklin on 18/04/2001.
Southern Vectis 813
LDL 934G
1968 Bristol RESL in Newport bus station on a 13 to Sandown in September 1972.
Southern Vectis 627
SDL 637J
1971 Bristol VRT in Ryde in 1985 on route 1A to Cowes.
Solent Blue Line 07
SDL 637J
1971 Bristol VRT shipped to Southampton and seen in Vincents Walk in 1980 on a 140 to Ocean Village.
Solent Blue Line 54
NCD 554M
1973 Bristol VRT (new to Southdown, 554) on route 170 Millbrook to Weston. At the Bargate in 1990.
Solent Blue Line 34
NDL 634M
1973 Bristol VRT (Southern Vectis 634). Opposite the Central Library on a 160 to City & Ocean Village. Behind are two Citybus Atlanteans and a Citybus Routemaster. The Blue Line bus has a conductor. While still on the island, this bus was blown over in a gale and sent to ECW at Lowestoft to be rebuilt.
Solent Blue Line 159, 37, 60
LHG 459T, NDL 637M, HDL 410N
1979, 1973 and 1975 VRTs. 159 was new to Ribble and passed to Cumberland (1459 in both fleets). 37 and 60 were Southern Vectis 637 and 648, with 60 still carrying SVOC markings.
Solent Blue Line 739
R739 XRV
1998 Volvo Olympian with Northern Counties body (Southern Vectis 639). In Castle Way (Southampton) on a 15 to Lordshill and Romsey. 12/12/2000.
Solent Blue Line 731
H731 DDL
1991 all Leyland Olympian at the Bargate, Southampton, on a 38 to Blackfield. 12/12/2000.
Solent Blue Line 734
H734 DDL
1991 all Leyland Olympian in Castle Way, Southampton, on a 28 to Hedge End. 12/12/2000.
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