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Automacheckit machine - also called Bellgraphic
Yorkshire Woollen District Transport Co Ltd, Dewsbury (based on the tickets in the machine).
The Automacheckit was produced by the Bell Punch company for about ten years from 1939 and remained in use until at least the 1960s.
This one is marked M6090 (serial number), 3865 (?) and 137 (also on a label inside, so probably Yorkshire Woollen's machine number).
The conductor wrote on the ticket in the appropriate places then used the handle to issue the ticket. The date and hour were then marked on the back and the ticket was handed to the passenger.
On busy journeys this system must have been too slow to give everyone a ticket. More than once I had to write emergency tickets when my Setright jammed. I certainly would not have wanted to do this all the time! Nevertheless, this type of machine was widely used.
A carbon copy is retained within the machine, to be checked back at the depot.
I have a second machine (serial M18686). This one has nothing to identify its owner and there is no machine number.
I have one harness shared by the two machines.
To open the machine.
Below the large disc on the front of the machine there is a crescent-shaped cover. Rotate this anti-clockwise to reveal a slot. Insert a pointed instrument into the hole in the right-hand corner of the slot. Rotate this clockwise and the cover will be released. It can now be hinged fully back.
Make a note of how the tickets sit in the machine.
To close the machine.
The small, knurled disc in the cover needs to be pressed in and rotated in a clockwise direction as far as it will go. In the correct position the wires in the centre should be horizontal. Lift the cover over the end of the machine and close it. Apply pressure to the case and partially depress the ticket issuing lever until you hear a click. Maintain the pressure on the machine while releasing the lever. and the cover should snap home. It may be necessary to raise the bottom plate slightly to clear the cover as it is lowered.
For a pdf manual with images and more details, click here. The manual refers to a seal to inside the machine. This is unlikely to be present.
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