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Drivers' Public Service Vehicle Badges
CC87490 has had its metal fixing removed and was worn in a leather holder with a plastic front.
Conductors' Public Service Vehicle Badges
Drivers needed a special Public Service Vehicle licence in addition to their regular driving licence and had to be over twenty-one years of age. Conductors also needed a PSV licence and needed to be at least eighteen years old. Drivers and conductors were required to wear a badge, the letters of which denoted the Traffic Commissioners area in which they were based (except London where the Metropolitain Police oversaw bus licencing). Drivers of Pay-As-You-Enter buses often wore both badges.
My conductor's badge is among those shown above - KK 55675.
Drivers' and conductors' badge letters
AA - North FF - East LL - North Scotland
BB - Yorkshire GG - South Wales MM - South Scotland
CC - North West HH - West N or NN - London
DD - West Midlands KK - South East T - Tram or Trolleybus
EE - East Midlands
These letters applied during the period in which I worked on the buses. Later versions differed in appearance. Following deregulation, some operators issued their own badges with other letters.
Later versions
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