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Reproduction poster for centenary celebrations.
Showing the Gosport & Fareham Tramways Motor Omnibus List of Fares dated the 10th of September 1928.
Gosport and Fareham
The Provincial Tramways Company should have started services in Gosport in 1878. However, the first service from the ferry to Anns Hill did not begin until 1882. The trams were horse-drawn and the route was extended to Brockhurst, Elson Road.
Around the beginning of the twentieth century, the original name of Gosport Street Tramways was changed to Gosport and Fareham Tramways. New routes were added, including one to Fareham railway station.
Electric trams were introduced in 1905 and a power station and tram shed built at Hoeford. The company's first buses were used on the route to Lee-on-Solent.
In the 1930s trams were abandoned in favour of buses and the company changed its name again, this time to the Gosport and Fareham Omnibus Company.
In 1970 the operation was taken over by the National Bus Company. Although it continued to run separately, management of the company was transfered to Hants & Dorset.
With the break-up of Hants & Dorset, Provincial was given the Fareham services of Hants & Dorset. The company was then sold to its management and employees, trading as People's Provincial. The company was later bought by the First Group.
Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Company
January 1970
1 Gosport Ferry, Forton Road, Fareham (Bishopsfield Road)
3 Gosport Ferry, Stoke Road, Ann's Hill Road, Fareham (Bishopsfield Road)
4 Gosport Ferry, Rowner, Bridgemary, Kent Road
4a Gosport Ferry, Rowner, Bridgemary, Kent Road
6 Gosport Ferry, Stoke Road, Anns Hill, Rowner, Bridgemary, Fareham Park Estate
7 Gosport Ferry, Rowner / Bridgemary
7a Gosport Ferry, Rowner / Bridgemary
10 Gosport Ferry, Jellicoe Avenue, Stokes Bay
11 Gosport Ferry, Alverstoke, Haslar, HMS Dolphin
13 Gosport Ferry, Hoeford
15 Gosport Ferry, Elson, Bridgemary, Fareham Market
16 Hoeford, Bridgemary, Brockhurst, Stokes Bay
17 Fareham Market, Fareham Park Estate (Hillson Drive)
17a Fareham Market, Fareham Park Estate (Hillson Drive)
18 Fareham Market, Fontley, Knowle
18a Fareham Market, Fontley, Knowle
100 Years of Provincial 1878 1978
A souvenir leaflet and a postcard sized photo of the centenary bus ECG110K.
Amendment Leaflet No.1 to the Southampton Area Timetable dated January 1978
Starting Sunday 19th February 1978
1 Gosport Ferry, Forton Road, Fareham
2 Gosport Ferry, Stoke Road, Ann's Hill Road, Fareham
3 Gosport Ferry, Fareham, Portchester
4 Gosport Ferry, Forton Road, Elson, Brockhurst, Bridgemary, Fareham (Thorni Avenue)
5 Gosport Ferry, Forton Road, Brockhurst Road, Bridgemary
6 Gosport Ferry, Stoke Road, Whitworth Road, Elson, Bridgemary
7 Gosport Ferry, Stoke Road, Elson, Brockhurst, Rowner / Bridgemary
9 Gosport Ferry, Alverstoke, HMS Dolphin
11 Fareham (Hartlands Road), High Street, Old Turnpike, Knowle Hospital
11A Fareham (Hartlands Road), Park Lane, Miller Drive, Maylings Farm Road, Knowle Hospital
Local Offices
GOSPORT Bus Station, South Street PO12 1EP Telephone 86921
HOEFORD, Gosport Road, Fareham PO16 0ST Telephone 232208
FAREHAM (H & D) Bus Station, West Street PO16 0JJ Telephone 234373
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