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  Almex 0046   Almex 2122   Gibson 29844  
  A metal box for machine 0046.   A fibre box, originally for withdrawn machine 3033 (London Country).   A fibre box numbered 29844-X acquired with London Transport country area £sd machine 21589.  
  Gibson 32550   Gibson 34181   Setright, not numbered  
  A battered fibre box comes with this typical London Transport machine.   In better condition, the box for London Transport 34181 has route 247 on it.   A spare, green fibre box.  
  Setright 50   Setright 744   Setright 777  
  An unusual design but standard Hants & Dorset. This one is from Winchester. Some had handles on the ends.   A standard, metal box.   Another standard metal type.Came with machine 777 but there is no number on the box.  
  Setright 1231   TIM 60   TIM 281  
  Typical Bristol Omnibus green fibre box. Came with the machine and has bus out number 13/54.   Metal box for the Southampton TIM machine.   Standard metal TIM box.  
  Ultimate 228   Ultimate 232      
  A metal box, typical of those for both Ultimate and Setright machines. Southampton's Ultimates had ones like this.   This box is a fibre model. The two-tier ticket rack is common to Ultimate boxes.      
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