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Two original, pre-delivery Thornycroft photos of No. 9 a 1933 Thornycroft Daring with Park Royal body, registration OW3434.
The lettering reads SOUTHAMPTON CORPORATION MOTOR SERVICE. In cream and blue, awaiting delivery and without registration plates.
Grand Display Of Buses Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May 1979   Historical Record
Ten A4 photocopied pages listing the vehicles from Southampton and elsewhere for the centenary of public transport in the city.   A folded sheet listing events in Southampton's transport history from the Southampton Tramways Company in 1879 to the 1970s.
Southampton City Transport Request Bus Stop
A typical S.C.T. stop sign, this would have sat on top of a red metal pole. This design was in use in the 1950s and 1960s.
The Last Night of the Floating Bridges
A souvenir glass of wine was presented to each passenger buying a special ticket for the final crossing of the floating bridges on the 11th of June 1977.
Last Week ticket   Last Crossing ticket
Normally free to pedestrians, passengers could buy this souvenir ticket for 10p.   My ticket for the last crossing which was accompanied by a jazz band and fireworks.
Overtime Slip   Standby Slip
Just about the only time you wanted to see an inspector was when he brought you one of these. This one gave me four and a quarter hours at time and a half. It would have followed an early turn and still gave me most of the evening off.   Some duties included time on standby, available to cover journeys at short notice. The driver or conductor would be given a slip with details of the work to be covered. This might be because someone was late or sick, or they might be given a break before starting overtime.
Thursday 4th of December 1980   Today Saturday 13th of September 1980
Conductor R Mockford   Conductor R Mockford
Part of duty 39   Relieve (conductor) Mrs Day
from 3.28pm until 7pm   at 1.52pm going towards Lodge Road (therefore an 11 or a 14)
paying 4 hours 15 minutes (rounded to nearest 15 minutes)   until 3.02 (pm)
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