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SCT on the outside, on the inside is the first mention of Southampton Citybus, the name of Southampton City Council's arms-length company that would take over the Transport Department's assets and responsibilities.
Your New Timetable
In preparation for the deregulation of bus services on 26th October, 1986, Southampton City Transport is making changes to timetables from September, 1986. In most cases there will only be minor changes in the times of buses, but there will be a reduction in the level of service at some quieter times, particularly before 8 a.m. (10 a.m. on Saturdays).
Service 1 - Weekday daytime journeys to and from Bitterne direction will extend via Hill Lane to the General Hospital replacing Service 5. Buses continue as 9B linking Hill Lane with Shirley.
Service 2C - replaces Service 2E serving all stops en route.
Service 3A & 3C - A new evening and Sunday service (3C) will operate via Weston. All journeys will run via North East Road, the section via Middle Road will be withdrawn.
Service 5 - The present route will continue to operate during evenings and Sundays. During the daytime on weekdays, the service will be renumbered 25, and journeys through Bitterne will terminate at Central Station. The link between City and the General Hospital will be maintained by Service 1.
Service 6 - Evening and Sunday journeys will extend to the University and Glen Eyre as Service 6C. All journeys will operate via Lances Hill, the section via Chessel Avenue will be withdrawn.
Service 7 - Journeys to and from Nursling Estate will be renumbered 7B.
Services 8 & 12 - Service 12 will now become peak hours only. The link with Service 20 across Chartwell Green will be provided by extending Service 8 from Townhill Park to Chartwell Green.
Services 11, 13 & 14 - Service 11A will now also operate on evenings and Sundays forming a one-way loop; buses will travel to Bassett Green as Service 13A and returning as Service 11A. Fewer journeys will extend to Town Quay. Evening and Sunday extensions of Service 14 to Town Quay will be withdrawn.
Service 17 - Additional daytime journeys will extend to Town Quay.
Service 22 - Weekday daytime frequency will be 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes.
Service 24 - Weekday daytime journeys will extend to Central Station.
The Timetable
Service 1 - City Centre, Woolston, Merry Oak, Bitterne, City Centre, Hill Lane, Aldermoor, (General Hospital as Service 9B).
Service 2 2A - City, Lord's Hill via Upper Shirley, General Hospital & Aldermoor.
Service 21 - City, Lord's Hill via Regents Park, Shirley & Millbrook.
Showing through journeys on Service 2 / 21.
City Circular - via Portswood, Midanbury, Bitterne, Sholing, Woolston.
Service 3A - via Portsmouth Road.
Service 3C - via Weston.
Service 4 4A - City Centre, Bitterne, Portswood, Shirley, Lord's Hill.
Service 5 - City, Bitterne, City, General Hospital.
Service 25 - City, Bitterne, Central Station.
Service 6 - City, Bitterne, Portswood, Millbrook.
Service 6C - City, Bitterne, Portswood, Glen Eyre.
Service 8 - City, Bitterne, Chartwell Green, Mansbridge.
Service 20 20A - City, Portswood, University, Mansbridge, Chartwell Green.
Service 7 7A 9 9A - Lords Hill / Lords Hill North / Aldermoor, City, Weston.
Service 10 20 20A - Townhill Park, Chartwell Green, Mansbridge, Swaythling, Glen Eyre, University, Portswood, City Centre.
Services 11A 13 13A - City Centre, Portswood, Swaythling, Bassett Green.
Service 12 - City Centre, Bitterne, Chartwell Green, Mansbridge.
Service 14 - Eastern Docks, City, Townhill Park.

Service 17 - Highfield, Millbrook via Portswood, Shirley. Town Quay, Millbrook via City, Shirley.

Service 17E - Millbrook, City, Town Quay.
Service 22 - Thornhill, City.
Service 24 - Central Station / City, Harefield.
Service 29 - City, Regents Park.
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