Bus Museum - Southampton - January 1956
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Fraser's Curtains and Loose Covers, St. Mary Street. Bassett Riding School "Wychwood", Pine Way (off Roman Road), Upper Bassett. Beaulieu Motor Service Beaulieu to Southampton and incorporating Beaulieu Manor. The Gregg School Secondary Grammar, Junior Department, Commercial Education. Brickwoods Little Bricky, Old & Very Strong Ale. M. E. Turner 112 Spring Road, Sholing. G . Bennett 153 Bitterne Road, Post Office. Cluett Burns Ltd. Woolston Printing Works Ltd. Adams Hardware Stores (Southampton) Ltd. 18 Victoria Road, Woolston. British Road Services (Carter Paterson - Parcels Service) Dutton Lane, Eastleigh. Scullards The Bar Above Bar. G. R. Southwell Cliff Bakery, 31 Bedford Place. H. W. Small & Son, Ltd. Builders and Contractors. H. T. Glanville Newsagent and Bookseller, 4 Victoria Road, Woolston. A. Overington Newsagent, Stationer, Tobacconist, Confectioner and Bookseller, 5 St. James Road, Shirley. W. J. Garrett Chemist (Opposite Bitterne School). Affleck's Radio Service 272 Shirley Road. Ye Knitterie 231 Peartree Avenue, Bitterne. Wheatley's Household Supplies, Bitterne Park Triangle. Thornes (Southampton) Ltd. Regent's Park Road Post Office. William Riddle, Chemist, 163 Bitterne Road, Southampton. Violet Andrews Specialists in all Floral Art, 3 The Broadway, Portswood. Phippards Wallpapers & Paints. P. H. Lucas Landscape Gardener, 3 Brook Road, Bitterne. H. N. Vine Family Butcher, 276a Winchester Road. Oaktree Cycles 157 Oaktree Road, Bitterne Park. The Malvern Sweets & Smokes, 317 Shirley Road. The Shirley Newsagent 65 Shirley High Street. Jane's Specialist in Wool, Hosiery. 110 Shirley Road. Shirley Arcade At Shirley Terminus Bus Stop. Cooked Meats, Bacon, Groceries, Fresh Eggs, Snack Bar, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Smedley's Frozen Fruit & Vegetables. The Handicraft Shop 126 Shirley Road. John's Fruiterer, Greengrocer & Florist, 283 Shirley Road. E. Beale & Son Drug Store. Also Gents' Hairdresser. High Street, West End. John Newton For Everything Photographic. 1 Market Buildings, Swaythling. Summerton's Decorators Merchants, 504-506 Portswood Road. Braeside Nursing Home, 35 Landguard Road. Vine's Model Dairies Ltd. 14 Spear Road. W. Bates & Co. Ltd. Chemists, Photographic Dealers. W. A. Foster Tobacconist, Newsagent & Stationer, 12 Onslow Road. The Pearl Brown School of Dancing 10 Spring Crescent, Portswood. Wilkie (Southampton) Limited. Newsagents, Tobacconists. 286 Broadlands Road. S. R. Silvester 180 Shirley Road. Watchmaker & Jeweller. C. Holt Newsagent, Stationer, Tobacconist. 361 Winchester Road, Bassett. Shirley Hosiery Repair Service Nylons Repaired, Quick Service, Inexpensive. H. D. Mead Limited Builders, Contractors & Decorators. Shop and Office Fitters. 167 Cannon St., Shirley. R. W. L. Delbridge, Ltd. Provender Millers. 59 St. Mary St., 71 High St., Shirley. Isaac Newsagent, Tobacconist, Stationer. 67 East St. & 74 Canal Walk. Rundell Hill & Son For all - Animal Feeding Grains and Meals. Feeding & Drinking Appliances. Garden Requirements. Seeds, Fertilizers, Insecticides, Tools & Garden Ornaments. Landscape and Rockery Work Undertaken. Bargate Hotel West Bargate, Southampton. Three Comfortable Bars and of course The First "Espresso" Coffee in Southampton. Hythe and Southampton Ferry Winter Service Timetable. Shop at the CO-OP Southampton Co-operative Society Ltd, 122 St. Mary's Road.
4th. Edition
Commencing January, 1956
G. ARMSTRONG, A.M.I.Mech.E., A.M.Inst.T.
General Manager and Engineer
Telephone 54052/3
1 Floating Bridge (S'ton) & Houndwell to Woolston (F. Bridge) via Civic Centre - Bitterne - Heath Road
1 Woolston (F. Bridge) to Houndwell & Floating Bridge (S'ton) via Heath Road - Bitterne - Civic Centre
1 & 3 Bitterne Church to Houndwell & Floating Bridge (S'ton) via Northam & Civic Centre
1 & 3 Civic Centre to Woolston (F. Bridge) via Bitterne - Heath Road or Sholing
2 Winchester Road (Dale Road) via St. James Road - Raymond Road - Hill Lane - Archers Road - Pound Tree Road (From Dale Road)
2 Winchester Road (Dale Road) via St. James Road - Raymond Road - Hill Lane - Archers Road - Pound Tree Road (From Pound Tree Road)
3 Floating Bridge (S'ton) & Houndwell to Woolston (F. Bridge) via Civic Centre - Bitterne - Sholing
3 Woolston (F. Bridge) to Houndwell & Floating Bridge (S'ton) via Sholing - Bitterne - Civic Centre
4 Houndwell - Lances Hill - Midanbury - Bitterne Park Triangle - Portswood - Bassett - Shirley - Regents Park - Millbrook - Houndwell
5 Wimpson Lane - Shirley - Sports Centre - Hill Lane - Civic Centre - Bitterne - Butts Road - Woolston (F. Bridge)
5 Woolston (F. Bridge) - Butts Road - Bitterne - Civic Centre - Hill Lane - Sports Centre - Shirley - Wimpson Lane
6 Houndwell - Millbrook - Regents Park - Shirley - Bassett - Portswood - Bitterne Park Triangle - Midanbury - Lances Hill - Houndwell
7, 9, 9A F. Bridge - Docks - Bargate - Town Jct. - Shirley - Maybush or Warren Avenue - Peach Rd.
7A, 9A, 9 Peach Rd. - Maybush or Warren Ave. - Shirley - Town Jct. - Bargate - Docks - F. Bridge
  Hints for Bus Passengers
  Getting on and off
  1. Always allow passengers to get off before you get on.
  2. Always wait until the bus has stopped at a recognised BUS STOP before getting on or off. It is particularly dangerous to get on or off when the bus is held up at traffic lights.
  3. When on the platform waiting to get off, hold on to the hand rails.
  Standing or walking in a moving bus
  1. Make full use of posts, rails and hand grips.
  2. Keep your feet apart to steady your balance.
  3. Make sure coats and belts are fastened, otherwise they may get caught.
  4. Hold a handbag or parcel firmly and close to your body.
  Going up or down stairs
  1. Do not pass on the stairs but wait for others to get clear.
  2. Use both hand rails. If you have only one hand available, for preference use the outer rail going up and the inner rail coming down, i.e. use the right hand.
  3. If you have children with you, send them up in front of you and come down in front of them.
  4. If you are wearing high heeled shoes, travel on the lower deck for preference. Accidents happen through heels catching on the stairs.
  After leaving the bus
  Wait for the bus to move off before crossing the road.
  Look out for opportunities of assisting others, particularly the old and infirm, and people with young children.
8 Houndwell - Civic Centre - Northam - Chessel - Pear Tree - Woolston
8 Woolston - Weston Lane - Wright's Hill - Kathleen Road - Bitterne - Civic Centre - Houndwell
16 Houndwell - Civic Centre - Bitterne - Kathleen Rd. - Wright's Hill - Weston Lane - Woolston
16 Woolston - Pear Tree - Chessel - Northam - Civic Centre - Houndwell
10 Swaythling to South Stoneham Cemetery & Allington Lane
10 Allington Lane - South Stoneham Cemetary to Swaythling
11 & 13 Swaythling - Portswood - St. Marys or High St. to Docks
11, 15, 13  
& 15A Portswood - Swaythling - Bassett Green - Bassett - Royal Pier
11 & 14 Docks - High St. - Portswood - Swaythling or Bullar Road
12 Docks - Houndwell - Civic Centre - Northam - Bullar Road
12 & 13 Docks - St. Marys - Portswood - Bullar Rd. or Swaythling
12 & 14 Bullar Rd. - Portswood - St. Marys or High St. to Docks
12 & 14 Portswood - Bullar Road - Northam - Houndwell & Docks
15 & 15A Royal Pier - Bassett - Bassett Green - Burgess Road - Swaythling
17 Newman Street - Redbridge Hill - Cumbrian Way - Shirley - Central Station - Town Junction - Bellevue Road - Portswood - Furzedown Road
17 Floating Bridge - Town Junction - Central Station - Shirley - Cumbrian Way - Windermere Ave. - Redbridge Hill - Newman Street
17A Newman St. - Redbridge Hill - Windermere Ave. - Cumbrian Way - Shirley - Central Station - Town Junction - Floating Bridge
17A Furzedown Rd. - Portswood - Bellevue Rd. - Town Junction - Central Station - Shirley - Cumbrian Way - Windermere Ave.
54 Joint Service with the Hants & Dorset Motor Services Central Station - Harefield Estate - West End (New Inn)
54 Joint Service with the Hants & Dorset Motor Services West End (New Inn) - Harefield Estate - Central Station
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