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Service Alterations affecting routes . . .
2 , 3 , 3D , 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 11 , 11A , 12 , 16 , 18A, 54
With effect from Sunday, 2nd October 1977 alterations will be made to a number of services. The changes follow the massive re-organisation of bus services that took place with the opening of the Itchen Bridge, are as a result of comments from the public and the Department's own observations. They are designed to improve overall the network of services by providing more buses where there is demand, but cutting back in areas where less passengers are being carried, as well as re-routing services where these are felt to be necessary.
In detail the changes are:
SERVICE 2 - The daily 2305 City Centre to Redbridge Hill journey extended to Shirley (Park Street) arrive 2339.
SERVICE 3 - Whilst existing frequencies will be maintained, revised timings will be introduced on this service during daytime Monday to Saturday. Minor timing amendments on some journeys at other times will also be made.
SERVICE 3D - The 0745 Bitterne (Red Lion) to Northam Industrial Estate and the 1735 Northam Industrial Estate to Bitterne (Red Lion) Monday to Friday journeys will be WITHDRAWN.
SERVICE 4 / 4A / 6 / 6A - The Monday to Friday, Service 4 (1652) Eastern Docks to Shirley journey will no longer operate from the Docks but start from City (Pound Tree Road) at 1656.
The Monday to Saturday 1921 Shirley to Portswood Service 6A journey will operate at 1931 and 10 minutes later throughout.
The Monday to Saturday 1836 City (Pound Tree Road) to Portswood Service 4A journey will be extended to Shirley (arriving 1927).
SERVICE 8 - The Monday to Saturday daytime frequency will be revised to half-hourly with revised timings. In addition a revised timetable for Evenings and Sundays will mean most journeys will terminate at Bitterne Manor (Bullar Road) and not operate through to Portswood. During Evenings and Sunday Afternoons the revised Service 12 will provide a replacement link between Bullar Road and Portswood.
SERVICE 11 - This service will revert to the route in operation prior to June, i.e. from Portswood Road via Lodge Road, The Avenue and London Road to Town Junction. The revised Service 12 will provide a replacement link between Portswood and Town Junction via Bevois Valley. Minor timing alterations will also be introduced as a result of this alteration to route.
SERVICE 11A - Minor timing alterations.
SERVICE 12 - To re-instate a direct link between Bitterne Park / St. Denys and Bevois Valley / Royal South Hants Hospital, a revised route will operate from Townhill Park via Bitterne and Lances Hill as present to Bullar Road then via Cobden Bridge, St. Denys Road, Portswood, Bevois Valley and Town Junction to City Centre or Royal Pier.
A completely revised timetable will come into operation, including a reduction to a half-hourly frequency during Monday to Saturday daytime.
SERVICE 16 - The Monday to Saturday daytime frequency will be revised to half-hourly with additional journeys at peak periods. Thus present Evening and Sunday Afternoon timings will additionally operate during the daytime Mondays to Saturdays.
SERVICE 18A - The basic Monday to Saturday daytime frequency will be increased from twenty minutes to quarter-hourly with revised timings.
To provide a direct link Evenings and Sundays from the Hinkler Road / Top of Kathleen Road areas, to Woolston, etc. all journeys during these times will operate via the normal daytime route, i.e. Bursledon Road, Hinkler Road and Warburton Road to Burgoyne Road.
SERVICE 54 - The timetable will be revised so that Evening and Sunday journeys apart from the 2305 from Central Station are retarded by 3 minutes throughout.
These changes followed a huge number of complaints about the service revisions in June, in particular, the changes to services 11 and 12, changes which are reversed here.
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