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As from Sunday, 3rd October (1971), Service 11 will be revised; and a new Service 11A will be introduced.
This revision of Services is associated with changes on Services 13 and 15, and the withdrawal of Service 15A. The object of this is to reduce the number of 'buses proceeding along the Avenue (where there are few passengers) and to provide direct services to some areas where none exist at the present time.
Service 11 will operate over its existing route between Swaythling and the City Centre, but terminating at the Docks during peak periods, at the Royal Pier during Monday to Saturday daytime, and at City Centre (Vincents Walk) evenings after 7 p.m., and on Sundays. At the northern end of its route, Service 11 journeys will be extended via Burgess Road and Violet Road to terminate at Glen Eyre Schools. On its return to Swaythling, this service will divert via Aster Road and Honeysuckle Road to enable both Services 11 and 13 to Portswood to use the same stop at Swaythling Jubction. In Burgess Road, between Violet Road and Swaythling, Service 11 will replace all existing Service 15A journeys (see Service 13 / 14 / 15 leaflet). Note :- Passengers from the Bassett Green area will be served in future by Services 13 and 15 only - not Service 11.
Service 11A is a new route, planned to give residents in the Glen Eyre and Winn Road / Brookvale Road areas a direct and convenient connection with both Portswood and the City Centre. Additionally, this route will provide a direct service from the growing University area to the City Centre. From City Centre (Vincents Walk) Service 11A will operate via the existing 15 route (Above Bar, London Road, The Avenue), then via Winn Road, Brookvale Road and Portswood Road. From Portswood Junction journeys will operate via the existing 4 / 6 route (Shaftesbury Avenue, Welbeck Avenue, University Road) to the Stile Inn, and then via Burgess Road and Glen Eyre Road to terminate at Glen Eyre Schools.
Services 11 and 11A form a loop service, and because of this passengers can travel without changing from a point one side of the terminus at Glen Eyre to the other, e.g. a passenger boarding at the University may travel to Swaythling.
City of Southampton - Transport Department
REVISION OF SERVICES 13, 14, 15 and 15A
As from Sunday, 3rd October (1971), certain changes will take place affecting the above Services.
The revision of these Services is associated with the changes of Services 11 and 12, and the provision of a new Service 11A. The object is to tailor all these Services to passenger demand by reducing frequencies where there are fewer passengers; providing more frequent journeys where passenger demand has increased; and by providing services to certain new areas.
SERVICES 13, 14 and 15
The routes of these Services remain unchanged, except that Service 13 (in place of Service 11) is extended from Swaythling via Stoneham Lane to Bassett Green to link up with Service 15. Although timings have been changed, basic frequencies will remain unaltered except during Monday to Friday mornings, and Saturday afternoons, when the frequency of each Service will be increased to every 10 minutes.
Note :- Passengers from the Bitterne Park and St. Denys areas will in future be able to use both Services 12 and 14 to City Centre.
Journeys on Service 15A, i.e. From City via Burgess Road to Swaythling and vice versa, will no longer operate. Passengers wishing to travel from the City to the section of Burgess Road between Violet Road and Swaythling should in future use the revised Service 11 via Portswood. Similarly, passengers from this area to the City should use Service 11 (boarding the 'bus on the "North" side of Burgess Road), or Service 15 via the Avenue from the Honeysuckle Road School or Broadlands Road stops.
Changes in the stops at Swaythling Junction will take place. The Service 15 stop (to Bassett Green and City) will remain unaltered, but both Services 11 and 13 to Portswood will use the stop outside of the Swaythling Oxfam Shop. The stop in Burgess Road (at the side of the Hampton Park Hotel) will be for Service 10 (to Mansbridge), and Service 11 (to Glen Eyre).
For passengers travelling on Service 15 between Swaythling and Town Junction / Classic Cinema, a special fare of 5p will apply.
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