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7th Edition - Commencing June, 1964
Advert W. Bates & Co. Ltd. Chemists, 202 Above Bar Street, 25 Oxford Street, 60 High Road, Swaythling.
SCTD General Conditions and Regulations.
Advert The Shirley Newsagent (L. A. M. Blondel), 65 Shirley High Street and 48 Church Street.
Advert Phippards & Co. Ltd. The Specialists for Wallpapers, Below Bar, Woolston, Shirley.
1 & 3 Woolston (Floating Bridge), Heath Road (1) or Sholing (3), Bitterne, Northam, City Centre, Floating Bridge (Southampton).
Advert From Southampton (Town Quay) to Hythe and The New Forest. Hythe/Southampton Ferry. 1/8d Single, 2/6d Return. Hotspur Cruises.
1 & 3 (Continued)
2 Pound Tree Road (City Centre), Carlton Crescent, Archers Road, Hill Lane, Raymond Road, St. James' Road, Upper Shirley, General Hospital, Hollybrook Cemetery.
Advert Red Funnel Steamer Services from Royal Pier to Cowes (Sailings to East Cowes or West Cowes or both).
4 Pound Tree Road (City Centre), Northam, Lances Hill, Midanbury, Bitterne Park Triangle, Portswood, Bassett Cross Roads, Shirley, Regents Park, Millbrook, City Centre.
Advert Thornes (Southampton) Ltd. Newsagent, Stationer, Tobacconist, Confectioners & Grocers. Regent's Park Road Post Office.
6 Pound Tree Road (City Centre), Millbrook, Regents Park, Shirley, Bassett Cross Roads, Portswood, Bitterne Park Triangle, Midanbury, Lances Hill, Northam, City Centre.
Notice Shop Early In The Week. There is more room in the Shops and on the 'Buses.
5 (Continued)
7 7A 9 9A Floating Bridge (Southampton), Docks or Royal Pier, Holy Rood, Bargate, Town Junction, Shirley, Maybush or Warren Avenue, Peach Road, Aldermoor.
Ferry Ferry Service to Hythe from Town Quay.
7 7A 9 9A (Continued)
8 City Centre, Northam, Lances Hill, Pear Tree Green, Woolston, Weston Lane, Wright's Hill, Kathleen Road, Bitterne, Northam, City Centre.
8A City Centre, Northam, Chessel Avenue, Pear Tree Green, Woolston, Weston Lane, Weston Estate.
16 City Centre, Northam, Bitterne, Kathleen Road, Wright's Hill, Weston Lane, Woolston, Pear Tree Green, Lances Hill, Northam, City Centre.
10 Swaythling, South Stoneham Cemetery, Allington Lane.
11 13 Bassett Green, Swaythling, Portswood, High Street (11) or St. Marys (13), Docks.
Advert W. A. Foster Tobacconist, Newsagent & Stationer 12 Onslow Road, Southampton.
11 13 (Continued)
Advert Go to Phippards. The Specialists for Paints, Below Bar, Woolston and Shirley.
11 13 (Continued)
12 14 Docks, High Street (14) or St. Marys (12), Portswood, Bullar Road (12) or Witts Hill, Townhill Park (14).
Notice When You use a 'Bus Remember: Do not get on or off while it is moving, or when it is not at a recognised stopping place. At a Request Stop, give a clear signal for the driver to stop and do not step into the road until the 'bus has stopped.
12 14 (Continued)
15 15A Royal Pier, Bassett, Bassett Green (15), Burgess Road (15A), Swaythling.
Trains British Railways maintain efficient and speedy services to all regions. Principal times shown from Southampton Central to Waterloo, to Bournemouth and to Portsmouth & Southsea.
15 15A (Continued)
17 17A Newman Street, Redbridge Hill, Windermere Avenue, Cumbrian Way, Shirley, Central Station, Town Junction, then Bellevue Road (for R.S.H. Hospital), Portswood Junction, Furzedown Road (17), or Town Junction, City Centre, Floating Bridge (17A).
18 18A Central Station, Civic Centre, Bitterne, Bursledon Road, Thornhill Park Estate.
54 Joint Service with the Hants & Dorset Motor Services Limited. Central Station, Harefield Estate, West End (New Inn).
Woolston, The Airport.
Shirley, The Airport.
Millbrook, The Common.
SCTD Floating Bridge Tolls and Services.
Buses leave the Civic Centre, Rose Gardens at 10.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. for a Tour of the Docks of approximately 1½-hours duration including a visit to the Sightseer's Balcony of the Ocean Terminal. Fare 2/6d - Children 1/9d. 9th June to 24th September 1964: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. 27th July to 4th september 1964: also Mondays and Fridays. (Bank Holidays excepted).
Advert Green's of Queen's Way. Complete House Furnishers.
Advert (Rear Cover) Save without Saving Up by shopping at the Co-operative and leaving your dividend in your account. Southampton Co-operative Society Limited.
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