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2nd Edition (A) - Commencing 21st August, 1960
G. ARMSTRONG, A.M.I.Mech.E., A.M.Inst.T.
General Manager and Engineer
Telephone 54052/3
Advertising on the Southampton Corporation Omnibuses, Floating Bridges and in this
timetable dealt with by the Publicity Department, Civic Centre, Southampton
(Telephone 23855 Ext. 341)
Advert W. Bates & Co. Ltd. Chemists. Photographic Dealers. Good range of all photographic apparatus and sundries. Developing and printing. - 202 Above Bar Street. Telephone No. 22654. Bus Routes: 2, 5, 6, 7, 7a, 9, 9a, 11, 14, 15, 15a, 17, 17a. - 25 Oxford Street. Telephone No. 22766. Bus Routes: 9, 9a, 11, 14. - 90 High Street, Shirley. Telephone No. 71371. Bus Routes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 7a, 9, 9a, 17, 17a. - 60 High Road, Swaythling. Telephone No. 54487. Bus Routes: 10, 11, 13a, 15, 15a.
  Southampton Corporation Transport General Conditions and Regulations.
1 & 3 Woolston (Floating Bridge), Heath Rd or Sholing to Bitterne - Civic Centre - Town Centre - Floating Bridge (So'ton)
Advert H. T. Glanville, Newsagent, Stationer, Tobacconist, Confectioner and Bookseller. 4 Victoria Road, Woolston. Telephone 48535.
Advert Go To Phippards. Phippard & Co., Ltd. The Specialists for Paints. Head Office & Showrooms Below Bar - Tel. 26613. Branches at Woolston Tel. 48816 and Shirley Tel. 71316.
Advert When You use a 'Bus Remember DO NOT GET ON OR OFF while it is moving, or when it is not at a recognised stopping place. AT A REQUEST STOP, give a clear signal for the driver to stop and do not step into the road until the 'bus has stopped. Southampton Accident Prevention Council Road Safety Campaign.
Advert From Southampton (Town Quay) to Hythe and The New Forest the quickest, cheapest and most interesting route is by HYTHE/SOUTHAMPTON FERRY. Weekdays .. Half Hourly Service. SUNDAYS .. Hourly Service. Half Hourly during the Summer, after 2.0 p.m. 1/3d Single, 1/10 Return.
2 Pound Tree Rd. (Town Centre) - Carlton Crescent - Archers Rd. - Hill Lane - Raymond Rd. - St. James' Rd. - Winchester Rd. (Dale Rd.)
Advert Red Funnel Steamer Services. From Royal Pier to Cowes.
4 Pound Tree Road (Town Centre) - Northam - Lances Hill - Midanbury - Bitterne Park Triangle - Portswood - Bassett Cross Roads - Shirley - Regents Park - Millbrook - Town Centre.
Advert No Parking Troubles When You Travel By 'Bus!
6 Pound Tree Road (Town Centre) - Millbrook - Regents Park - Shirley - Bassett Cross Roads - Portswood - Bitterne Park Triangle - Midanbury - Lances Hill - Northam - Town Centre.
5 Wimpson Lane - Shirley - Sports Centre - Hill Lane - Civic Centre - Bitterne - Butts Rd. - Woolston (Floating Bridge).
Advert Shop Early In The Week. There is more room in the Shops and on the 'Buses.
7 7a 9 9a Floating Bridge (Soton) - Docks or Royal Pier - Bargate - Town Junction - Shirley - Maybush or Warren Avenue - Peach Rd. - Aldermoor.
Times Ferry Service to Hythe from Town Quay.
Advert Early Closing Day for Shopping Thursday for Shirley Shopping Centre Wednesday in other districts
8 Pound Tree Road (Town Centre) - Pear Tree - Woolston - Weston Lane - Wtright's Hill - Kathleen Rd. - Bitterne - Northam - Town Centre.
Advert Tours of Docks Including visit to Sightseers' Balcony of Ocean Terminal June - September. For Party Bookings contact: Corporation Transport Dept. 226 Portswood Road. Telephone: 54052.
16 Pound Tree Road (Town Centre) - Bitterne - Kathleen Rd. - Wright's Hill - Weston Lane - Woolston - Pear Tree - Northam - Town Centre.
10 Swaythling - South Stoneham - Cemetery - Allington Lane.
11 13 Swaythling - Portswood - High Street - St. Mary's - Docks.
11 13a Docks - High Street - St. Mary's - Portswood - Swaythling.
12 14 Bullar Rd. - Witts Hill - Portswood - St. Mary's - High St. - Docks.
15 15a Royal Pier - Bassett - Bassett Green - Burgess Rd. - Swaythling.
17 17a Newman St. - Redbridge Hill - Windermere Ave. - Cumbrian Way - Shirley - Central Station - Town Junction - Bellevue Rd. (R.S.H. Hospital) - Portswood Junction - Furzedown Rd.
17 17a Floating Bridge - Town Junction - Central Station - Shirley - Cumbrian Way - Windermere Ave. - Redbridge Hill - Newman St.
Advert The Shirley Newsagent (Propritor L. A. M. Blondel). Newsagent, Stationer, Tobacconist, Confectioner. Deliveries in this area. Largest Selection of Greeting Cards in the Town. 65 Shirley High Street. Telephone 72164. Branch at 48 Church Street.
Advert Go To Phippards. Phippard & Co., Ltd.. The Specialists for Wallpapers. Head Office & Showrooms Below Bar - Tel. 26613. Branches at Woolston Tel. 48816 and Shirley Tel. 71316.
Advert Thornes (Southampton) Ltd. Newsagent, Stationer, Tobacconist, Confectioners & Grocers. Regular Daily Deliveries. All Newspapers and Periodicals. Regent's Park Road Post Office. Telephone 73624.
Times To London (Waterloo). To Bournemouth. To Portsmouth and Southsea.
18 Thornhill Estate - Central Station via Bursledon Road.
54 West End (New Inn) - Harefield Estate - Southampton. Joint Service.
--- Airport Journeys. From/to Butts Road, Woolston (Floating Bridge), Pear Tree Church, Floating Bridge (Southampton), Central Station, Shirley (Newman Street).
--- Miscellaneous Journeys. Kathleen Road - Woolston, Woolston - Weston Lane (R.N. Stores), No. 7 Dock Gate - Central Station, Weston Lane - Woolston.
--- Millbrook - The Common.
--- Floating Bridge Services
Advert Green's of Queen's Way. The Modern Store & Food Market. The centre where the Housewife can find Furniture, Furnishings, Household Goods and Food of the right quality and the right price. Better Buy the Green's Way.
Advert (Rear Cover) Southampton Co-operative Society's Family Budget Credit Scheme for All the Family. No Interest Charge made on block purchases to the value of £50 or more made in our Central Store, St. Mary's Rd., of Ladies', Gents' and Children's Clothing and Footwear, Household Linens, Soft Furnishings, etc., etc. Only 10% Deposit - Repayments of £1 Weekly - and there's the Dividend - of course! For further details of the Society's Family Budget Scheme, please enquire at the Co-operative Central Store, St. Mary's Road or Telephone 22515 (Credit Department)
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