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Winchester 2nd January 2011
King Alfred Running Day, Sunday 2nd of January 2011.
Friends of King Alfred Buses
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Hants & Dorset Motor Services
Where two fleet numbers are shown, the first is the original and the second is from September 1971.
779 - KLJ749 1950 Bristol LL6G with Portsmouth Aviation body. Originally carried coach livery.
In Eastgate Street, heading for the Bar End Park & Ride.
At the Park & Ride site.
The destination blind shows Bournemouth and the radiator board reads On Hire To Royal Blue.
1540 / 1237 - GLJ748D 1966 Bristol FLF6G. 1540 was never fitted with the standard H&D cab visor.
In Eastgate Street, on a 48 to Fair Oak - all lights blazing!
Turning into Friarsgate shortly afterwards.
Turning from Jewry Street to City Road on a 97 to South Wonston.
Loading in the bus station with Chandlersford Winchester 47 on the destination display.
Of course it should be Chandler's Ford but the display is as it was on Hants & Dorset's Winchester buses in the 1960s.
In the Broadway on its way to Chandler's Ford on a 47.
1577 / 1274 - LLJ443F 1967 Bristol FLF6G. The last FLF delivered to H&D shows signs of repairs following accident damage.

In the bus station with passengers boarding for a 67 to Cheriton.

In the bus station with passengers boarding for a 67 to Cheriton.
Backing off the stand ...

... leaving for Cheriton ...

... and passing under the bus station arch.
1901 - VRU124J 1971 Daimler CRG6LX with Roe body. These were H&D's first double-deck OPO buses.
At the Bar End Park & Ride with 47 Southampton on the destination.
In the bus station, still displaying 47 Southampton.
1644 / 3048 - UEL564J 1971 Bristol RELL6G (Dual Purpose).
In Eastgate Street heading towards the bus station on a 68B from Barton Stacey.
In North Walls on a 66 from Hursley to Winchester.
In City Road on a 68 from Sutton Scotney with King Alfred 595 behind.
Pulling away from the City Road bus stop and heading for the bus station.
3377 - UFX858S 1977 Bristol VRT/SL3 Convertible.
In Eastgate Street on a 47 to Chandler's Ford ...
... and turning into Friarsgate.
In the Broadway on a 69 to Marwell Zoo.
In the Broadway on a 69 to Marwell Zoo.
In Jewry Street on a 69 from Marwell to the bus station.
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