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Punch Tickets: 5 for general use and 3 for use in the Bournemouth Corporation Transport area.
1d 1½d 2d 3d 2d Return   2d 4d 1/2      
Insert Tickets: for Setright LRD (Insert) ticket machines. (Singles).
2d 2d + ½d 2d + ½d 3d 4d 4d 4d 8d 8d 8d 8d  
11d 1/1                    
Insert Tickets: for Setright LRD (Insert) ticket machines. (Returns).
7d 11d 1/- 1/8 1/9 2/- 2/2 2/10 3/6 3/10 5/6 6/-
Setright Speed: Tickets from Setright SMB machines. (Pre-decimal - shillings and pence).
2d 3d (End of roll) 3d 3d 3d 4d
6d 6d 6d 6d 7d 8d
8d 8d Cancellation Wilts&Dorset 2s4d    
Decimal Setright Tickets: 966 tickets, various values.
Various Setright Speed Inserts: Weekly and Day Out tickets.
5-Day 48p 5-Day 6/- 6-Day 5/- 6-Day 5/-   Morning Morning          
          Out Out          
          50p Child £1 Child          
Other Tickets:
Emergency Ticket Parcels Tickets
9d 5p 10p 10p
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