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Useful Links
        Acorn Atom emulator.
        BBC Micro emulator.
        BBC Micro emulator.
        Home computer history.
        Commodore 64 emulator.
        Edit .d64 disk images.
        List .d64 disk images.
        8-bit computers.
        Disk image manager.
          Sinclair emulator.
          Acorn Electron emulator.
Game Base 64          
HOXS64         Commodore 64 emulator.
Larwe (Museum)          
Lemon 64         C64 Forever.
Memotech Computers at          
Minstrel's Commodore Page          
Model B         BBC Micro emulator.
Old Computers dot net          
Old Software          
Planet Sinclair          
PC History          
PC Museum          
Project 64          
Q-emulator         Sinclair QL emulator.
Speccy         Sinclair computer emulator.
        Sinclair computer emulator.
Spectrum Magic          
Star Commander         Transfer files: C64, 1541 and Win 98.
Toronto PET Users Group (TPUG)          
VB81 XuR         Sinclair computer emulator.
Vice         Commodore emulator, any model.
World of Spectrum          
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