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Atomulator   BeebEm   B-em   Model B   ElectrEm   Elkulator  
Acorn Atom emulator.   BBC Micro emulator.   BBC Micro emulator.   BBC Micro emulator.   Acorn Electron emulator.   Acorn Electron emulator.  
CCS64   HOXS64   Vice   D64 Editor   D64 Lister   DirMaster  
Commodore 64 emulator   Commodore 64 emulator   Emulator for most Commodore models   Edit .d64 files for your emulator   List contents of .d64 files and save to file.   Explore and manage disk images.  
Star Commander - Create your own files for emulators
Star Commander works with Microsoft DOS. I've used it on computers running Windows 95, 98 and 98SE with an XE1541 cable to a Commodore 1541 disk drive. .It does not work on my Windows XP (or later) computers. Other hardware, software and cable options for transferring files are available.
VB81 XuR   EightyOne   Speccy   Spectaculator   Q-emulator  
ZX81 Emulator   Emulator for Sinclair computers.   Spectrum Emulator   Spectrum Emulator   Emulator for the QL  
  Emulated Computer Models
Atomulator   Acorn Atom
BeebEm   BBC Model B
    BBC Model B + Integra-B
    BBC Model B Plus
    BBC Master 128
B-em   BBC A
    BBC B
    BBC Master
    BBC Master Compact
Model B   BBC Model B
    BBC Model B+
ElectrEm   Acorn Electron
Elkulator   Acorn Electron
CCS64   Commodore 64
HOXS64   Commodore 64
Vice   PET /CBM most models
    VIC 20
    Commodore 64
    Commodore 128
    Commodore Plus/4
VB81 XuR   ZX81
EightyOne   ZX80
    16K Spectrum
    48K Spectrum
    Spectrum 128
Speccy   16K Spectrum
    48K Spectrum
    128K Spectrum
    Spectrum +2
    Spectrum +2A
    Spectrum +3
    Timex Sinclair TC2048
    Timex Sinclair TS2068
    Sam Coupe
    Didaktik Gama
    Scorpion 256kB
    Pentagon 256kB
    Issue 2 Spectrum
Spectaculator   16K ZX Spectrum
    48K ZX Spectrum
    ZX Spectrum 128
    ZX Spectrum +2
    ZX Spectrum +2A
    ZX Spectrum +3
    Pentagon 128
    Scorpion ZS 256
Q-emulator   Sinclair QL
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