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Saturday 10th of June 2017.
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ORU 230G takes a break at Castlepoint.
Bus Rally
A heritage bus rally
and running day
to celebrate 115 years of
Bournemouth Corporation
A mostly sunny day and plenty of buses on the excellent routes operated.
The Bournemouth and Christchurch traffic and the arrival of clouds in the afternoon couldn't spoil the occasion.
Bournemouth Buses
JLJ 403
1949 Leyland Tiger / Burlingham.
KEL 133
1950 Leyland Titan PD2 / Weymann.
RRU 903
1955 Leyland Tiger Cub / Park Royal.
8159 EL
1960 Leyland Titan PD3 / Weymann.
6167 RU
1963 Leyland Titan PD3A / Weymann.
AEL 170B
1964 Leyland Atlantean / Weymann.
CRU 103C
1965 Leyland Leopard / Weymann.
ORU 230G
1969 Leyland Atlantean / Alexander.
H262 MFX
1991 Dennis Dominator / East Lancs.
M455 LLJ
1995 Dennis Dart / East Lancs.
Other Operators
UWV 614S at Boscombe Pier.
UWV 614S
1978 Bristol VRT / ECW.
MSJ 499
1961 Leyland Atlantean / Metro Cammell.
BFX 570T
1979 Bristol VRT / ECW.
BFX 666T
1979 Bristol VRT / ECW.
GEL 686V
1980 Bristol VRT / ECW.
G717 WDL
1989 Leyland Olympian / Leyland.
G727 XDL
1990 Leyland Olympian / Leyland.
  With apologies to Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust who operated services with Southampton City Bus E289 HRV but I managed to miss you.
L504 AJT
1993 DAF Optare Delta.
M136 KRU
1995 DAF DB250 Optare Spectra.
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