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Issue 109 - May 4th 1985
'New' BBC revealed 1
Details of Acorn's latest incarnation of the BBC Micro have been revealed, answering many of the criticisms levelled at the Model B but also raising some new questions. Get the full details.
Inside Oric's ROM 10
An anatomy lesson for Oric enthusiasts - bare-bones programming made easier.
Acorn Attack 15
Frantic arcade activity as you save the world again. This Galaxians-type game is fully up to commercial quality (at the cost of a few sore fingers).
Writing adventures 20

First of three parts takes you step-by-step through the process of writing adventure games, regardless of your machine.

Commodore decompression 22
How to get more than the 38.99K of memory free for programming from your Commodore 64. With a few handy routines you can get close to the full 64K.
MSX grows a disk 29
The first MSX disk system has arrived - check out our review of this welcome addition to the range.
Spectrum Light Magic 37
Power to your pictures with an outstanding graphics utility that makes the most of the Spectrum's display capabilities.
QL monitored 38
Steps to easier machine-code with a comprehensive set of tools for assembly and disassembly on the bigger Sinclair.
Megabasics 39
Nothing akin to an expanded Basic, Megabase is a powerful database at a budget price running on Commodore 64 and Oric Atmos. Some novel features make it stand out from the crowd.
Monitor 1
Life gets tough for the pirates; all quiet at communications show; IBM beaten to the punch; and recent competition winners named.
PCN Charts 5
Random Access 7
More letters telling us what you want from the magazine. Why not join the debate.
Routine Enquiries 8
Microwaves 9
Communications 17
Bulletin boards look to the airwaves.
Dungeon 27
Workbench 30
How to spot a resistor when it crosses your path.
Software Pre-View 33
A page full of new releases.
Gameplay 34
Billboard 40
Quit 44
Who's a wally, then?
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