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Issue 108 - April 27th 1985
Amstrad does it again 3
One year after the launch of the CPC464 Amstrad has revealed its second machine. In addition to its new features, the 664 embodies the strengths of the 464. So what are its prospects? Check it out . . .
Communications 9
A new weekly feature in PCN - a regular guide to the world of computer communications.
AMSTRAD Events 10
Master interrupt-driven programming with this guide to one of the most powerful features in Locomotive Basic.
BBC Music 12

A new meaning to 'background music' as we take you into the powerful sound abilities of your BBC Micro.

Chess 18
Another delve into the world of machine gamesmanship in the company of Britain's top player John Nunn.
TANDY's biggest little'un 22
Exclusive review of Tandy's follow-up to the much acclaimed lap-held 100 featuring a bigger display and other desirable features.
QL Quest 28
Disk systems for the QL are proliferating but few offer as much as the package from Quest. We take a look at the host of features on offer.
BBC database 38
A database is a database is a database but at £12 Psi-File has to be worth a look.
Monitor 1
Full report from Europe's premier computer show, the Hanover Fair; Memotech sees red; Epson's desktop system; and more micros sprout windows.
PCN Charts 5
Random Access 7
Your page - for opinion, moans, praise and general pontificating.
Routine Enquiries 8
Another batch of problems solved on behalf of QL, Sanyo, Amstrad and Commodore 64 owners.
Microwaves 9
Your hints and tips with the chance to earn a tenner a time.
Dungeon 21
More of the latest adventures.
Workbench 26
Part 2 of our Commodore 64 printer interface offers a software driver for last week's hardware.
Gameplay 31
Software Pre-View 34
A look ahead to the packages that will be appearing in software stores near you.
Competition 37
The final part of our great Sinclair Spectrum competition.
Billboard 40
Quit 44
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