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Issue 101 - March 2nd 1985
Avanti ACORN
What does the future hold for Acorn users whose supplier is now in Italian hands? The first casualties will be the Electron which never took off in its present form, and other aspects of Acorn's activities in the home computer market.
QL quick fix 8
A short patch for the Quill will make word processing faster and easier. See for yourself . . .
Disassembled SPECTRUM 11

Not a way to reduce your Spectrum to a pile of bits but the painless way of examining machine code. This free utility will help you get to grips with op-codes and address modes.

64 swat squad 18
More destruction of inferior life forms (flies, in this case) in a neat games listing for your 64.
SPECTRUM expanded 21
Additional memory is useful on your Spectrum, but can cause problems with some software. This utility lets you run VU-CALC with the extra RAM.
EPSON in disguise 22
Lurking beneath the exterior of the Dialtex 4 is an Epson CP/M portable. We weigh it up.
AMSTRAD disk drives 27
They're here at last and what can we say except: 'brilliant', 'buy one' (but read the review first).
Gameplay 32
An Oric game (gasp!) joins the ranks of Spectrum and 64 offerings.
IBM electrified 37
Electric Desk offers integration at a budget (!) price.
Monitor 1
Olivetti takes Acorn back to school, this page and page 2; Sinclair allays supply fears, page 2 software blossoms at LET show, page 3; BBC axes Chip Shop, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
Random Access 6
Your weekly letters page.
Routine Enquiries 7
Your problems solved by our panel of experts.
Dungeon 24
Another trip into the PCN adventure vaults in the company of Dungeonmaster Bob Chappell.
Software Pre-View 30
The week's new releases.
Billboard 41
Bargains galore on our weekly marketplace.
Quit 44
Blunders, buffoonery and a few dates for your diary.
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