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Issue 96 - January 27th 1985
COMMODORE hits back 2
In the face of last week's onslaught from Atari, Commodore has re-grouped. It can't match Jack Tramiel's new outfit for numbers, but the three new systems demonstrated as far apart as Las Vegas and Birmingham will carry its standard into battle this summer.
SPECTRUM novelty 10
The character set on your Spectrum can come in all shapes and sizes with our routines to interface to Basic programs.
Coca Koala 12
It's the real thing, a program to let Commodore 64 owners turn their Koalapad graphics tablets to something more inventive than pretty doodles,
BBC assinement 16
Brush up your BBC Micro's trigonometry with this sine curve program to add to your wavy line store.
SHARP scores 24
With an 8086 and an NEC graphics chip, the Sharp MZ5600 looks fast enough to give most of its rivals in the PC stakes a run for their money - and GEM is on the way.
Present Arms 30
We put robots on parade with an inspection of arm-waving machines from Colne Robotics and Fischertechnik. They may not change your life but you should discover what your right Armdroid's for.
Win a SPECTRUM disk drive 33
We've got together with Spectrum dealer Micro Interface to offer you the chance of winning one of three superb Timex disk systems. Throw some salt over your shoulder, spit three times for luck, and give it a whirl.
Astronomy Domine 38
We check out three programs for serious star-gazers. Will they eclipse Elite? Can they outshine Star Wars? Judge for yourself.
Monitor 1
Atari stars due in spring, this page; Commodore takes stock after Las Vegas, page 2; Home Front goes in for prediction, page 3; Which Computer? Show report, page 4; Sinclair lines up QL peripherals, page 5.
PCN Charts 7
Random Access 7
Get it off your chest on our weekly letters page.
Routine Enquiries 8
Microwaves 9
Software Preview 33
Chess Expanders 34
Martin Bryant's White Knight is cornered in our regular look at the micro chess board.
Gameplay 36
Reviews and pictures from the games the snow can't stop.
Billboard 40
Quit 44
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