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Issue 93 - January 5th 1985
SPECTRUM Revisited 26
Growing old gracefully, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum is almost three. We analyse the UK's most famous micro: its good points, its not-so-good points, and its keyboard. What price another three years for the Spectrum?
For users of the 64 and the 1541 disk drive, here's a collection of utilities to extend your file handling.
MEMOTECH machine head 17
From Basic the Memotech's sound capacity is limited - but you can make more of it with these machine code routines.
AMSTRAD fine art 22
Add a canvas or two to your Amstrad's portfolio.
Lock and Key 20
Spectrum programmers looking for a means of protecting their software could take a tip from our resident locksmith.
BBC Grab Apple 18
It's action all the way in this apple-picking hard-driving game.
Modish ATARI 24
Part II of a program in which the Atari shows off its player missile graphics and display list interrupts.
PC Plot 38
It flies like a turtle and draws like Picasso - the £250 Penman Plotter for the BBC turns a few tricks.
Check out Comprint, the interface that's your link to Epson-type printers from the notoriously fussy Commodore 64.
Office party 46
The Mini Office package has ideas above its station for a £5.95 piece of software - find out how far it goes.
Monitor 1
Acorn goes for the universal terminal, this page; Which Computer? Show preview, page 2; Enterprise reaches first base, page 3; home micros to change their spots, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
The top games of 1984 for the top six micros.
Random Access 7
Make your voice heard on our version of Speakers' Corner.
Routine Enquiries 9
Expert help in your programming problems.
Microwaves 8
Share you hints and tips.
Dungeon 34
Gnomic wisdom from our resident rune reader on the adventure page.
Gameplay 43
Spectrum, Dragon, Commodore and Amstrad games come under the microscope.
Billboard 49
Pretty ads all in a row.
Quit/Datelines 52
Dates to remember, jokes to forget.
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