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Issue 91 - December 15th 1984
Enter ENTREPO 26
If patience is a virtue, Commodore owners become more virtuous every time the load a program. The Entrepo Quick Data Drive, with its tape wafers, aims to fill the gap between tape and disk - we put it through some time trials.
Software Buyer's Guide 33
Now it can be told . . . The full unexpurgated story of the top games for top micros with some for every taste.
SPECTRUM bubbles 12
The bubble sort technique is as old as data processing. Here's a handy machine code version for Basic programmers.
COMMODORE hard copy 17
Turn the user port on your 64 into a Centronics interface with our series of assembler utilities.
Four megabytes on the Spectrum? And multi-tasking? It isn't pie in the sky but you'll need a soldering iron for the XK Expansion system.
DATA GENERAL numero uno 42
The mini-maker pulls out all the stops to put its One portable in a class of its own.
QL cult 63
Metacomco has released an implementation of the cult language BCPL for the QL, and it gets the QLUB's seal of approval.
Monitor 1
Enterprise arrives at last, this page; PCN talks to Mr MSX, Kay Nishi, page 2; Sharp prepares MZ800, page 3; Tramiel runs the flag up - millions salute, page 4; and Home Front, page 5.
PCN Charts 5
Another week on the switch-back for the games and micros at the top.
Random Access 7
Get letters before your name in our weekly epistle page.
Routine Enquiries 9
Wit, wisdom, and answers to questions for the baffled.
Microwaves 10
Gotta micro wrinkle? Share it here.
Dungeon 23
Our regular adventure trail opens the gates of Eden.
Racing Start 49
A second chance to set yourself up for a trip to London and a duel with ace driver James Hunt.
Gameplay 53
Reviews of the latest games for Spectrum, BBC, Commodore 64 and Amstrad.
Readout 64
Book your seat for a quiet read.
Billboard 70
Two pages of classified ads in our bargain basement.
Quit/Datelines 72
The last round-up, plus our guide to coming events.
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