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Issue 87 - November 17th 1984
Desktops get friendly 38
An exclusive hands-on review of a radical desktop system. GEM, from Digital Research, looks set to usher in a 'new age of user friendliness' and upset the Applecart. The Graphics Environment Manager gives you the features of Lisa and Mac (icons, pull-down menus . . .) on the 16-bitters.
Spectrum word-perfect 12
A word processor which matches Tasword in many respects.
Commodore interrupts 18
How to use rasters to get split screen graphics on your 64.
MTXtra 21
Graphics utilities for Memotech users seeking more routines.
Don't miss the float 26
Atari assembly language programmers can make better use of floating point numbers with some simple routines.
Second thoughts 32
PCN pro-tests Upgrade Technologies' cheaper alternative to Acorn's own second processor for the Beeb.
Eminent EPROM 42
Here's an EPROM programmer that really is a useful and versatile development tool.
Prints charming 45
Speed, quality and compatibility with several types of micro makes this Smith Corona printer a good buy.
Gameplay 47
PCN's assessments of games for the Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore 64.
Spectrum chart topper 55
Graphic accounts of your financial state are the promise of this versatile package.
Amstrad double act 56
We spell out the faults and virtues of two word processors.
ICL ready to run with One per Desk, this page; COMPEC preview, page 2; full bells and whistles modem for £50, page 3; schools network launch.
PCN Charts 5
Check the latest movements in our weekly chart, Radio 1 does.
Random Access 7
Readers' letters - all the news, views and gripes.
Routine Enquiries 9
Readers' problems - all the answers you want.
Microwaves 10
Readers' routines - hints and tips for better programming.
Dungeon 31
A sample of two new adventures.
Software Pre-View 46
The taste of the future.
Billboard 57
Second-hand bargains for all.
Quit/datelines 64
Captions of the industry and dates for your diary.
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