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Issue 83 - October 20th 1984
Plus/4 on the spot 32
Has Commodore come up with a new block-buster? With the bundling of applications software in a low-cost 64K micro it should give buyers pause for thought.
Commodore gremlins 12
A garden full of butterflies and poisonous mushrooms is the location Tony Crowther chose for this imaginative game, written exclusively for PCN.
Spritely Amstrad 16
We finally round off the series on creating sprites on the Amstrad with a large listing for you to hack in.
Spectrum's added columns 18
The humble Spectrum can print up to 64 characters per line with the machine code program by Stuart Nicholls.
Directory Enquiries 22
The Commodore 64's disk directory is unravelled with two utilities, one of which can be incorporated into other programs.
Oric wargame 26
Tank Assault is an arcade style maze game with plenty of action.
Acorn memories 29
Monitor your micro's memory - both random access and read only.
Raven remembers 38
Expand the BBC's memory by 20K and add a few commands as well with the Raven-20 expansion board.
Cheetah choice 42
Cheetah's version of a Spectrum keyboard looks upmarket, but does it live up to its image?
Commodore tunes in 54
Your Commodore can make beautiful music with the aid of Musicalc - if you can figure out how it works.
Macintosh on file 57
Picture this - a database that uses pictures instead of labels - and you have Filevision, Apple's new package for the Mac.
Gameplay 47
A wide variety of adventure and arcade magic for the Commodore 64, Spectrum and BBC B.
Monitor 1
Sinclair's Spectrum Plus, this page; Jupiter Ace lives on, page 2; Basicode goes MSX, page 3; and QL revives megagames, page 4.
PCN Charts 5
Follow the fates of games and micros in our weekly charts.
Random Access 7
Is anybody out there? We want to hear from you.
Routine Inquiries 9
PCN's panel of experts solves your problems.
Microwaves 10
More helpful hints, tips and routines.
Readout 11
The best of the recent books reviewed.
Dungeon 31
The weekly fix for adventure addicts.
Software Pre-View 44
Our weekly round-up of the latest software. Find out what you should look for in your local software store.
Billboard 60
The best place to pick up a bargain, or sell one - free.
Quit 64
Rumours, gossip, Mollusc and more - plus forthcoming computer events.
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