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Basic comparison 18
The Amstrad CPC comes complete with a powerful version of Basic. Simon Williams has been learning the new dialect developed by Locomotive, and points out the main features and differences from BBC Basic.
Issue 73 - August 11th 1984
Monitor 2

Survey attacks micro usefulness, page 2; Amstrad sorts out software tangle, page 3; Osborne finds no holes in Polo, page 4; and IBM brings its portable to the UK, page 5.

PCN Charts 6
Britain's only weekly chart shows the relative fortunes of the stars of the games arena.
Random Access 9
Your letters - a chance to air your opinions on anything to do with microcomputing, with a tenner for the best.
Routine Inquiries 10
What's holding you up? Our panel of experts offers advice and solutions.
Microwaves 12
Readers' hints and tips for the Oric, Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad and more.
Readout 15
Read any good micro books lately? We advise on what to pick off the shelves.
Clubnet 16
The QL has been selected to brighten the prospects of an Edinburgh-based group.
Software Pre-View 33
A quick survey of the new packages that have arrived at PCN this week.
Billboard 43
Something for everyone on PCN's buy and sell page - and this week you can put your ad in for free.
Quit/Datelines 48
Dates for your diary, and a look at the lighter side of microcomputing with results of the Laughline competition.
Electric Oric 22
Having trouble budgeting for your electricity bills? Andy Newham shows how your Oric can help.
Tote a IIc 24
Apple's new portable marks a change of direction. Richard King delivers this full Pro-Test.
Dragon contact 29
Putting the Dragon in touch with the outside world is the purpose of the versatile RS232 I/O interface. We test one that's out of the ordinary.
Storage scale-up 31
The IBM PC gains megabytes of storage with the Alpha 10 hard disk system, weighed up by John Lettice.
IBM integration 34
Database Manager II should not stand alone - it is designed to create a link that transfers data from one standard package to another, and save a lot of time and bother.
Graphic account 36
Charting a new course is made easier by Chartpack-64 which converts data from spreadshhets etc into more comprehensible graphs - and then dumps them to a printer.
Spectrum 38
Whether you're into working out on the tennis court or motorcycle racing, your sport is catered for.
BBC B 39
Variety rules - try a text-only adventure or a 3-D tank battle.
Spectrum 40
Mega the Millipede roams around the Spectrum screen in this version of the popular arcade game.
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